Blah Girls: Ashton Kutcher’s Weekly Play Date

If you don’t know it’s time to check them out. When a lot of stars are ignoring the media frenzy or lashing out at them (sometimes physically), the truly unique personality of Ashton Kutcher comes shining through in this parody of media impact & Hollywood influence on 3 young girls. It’s freakin’ hilarious. New episodes every Monday and on occasion there is a great flick posted by @aplusk. (That’s Ashton’s twitter name) And if you’re not already following the dynamic duo on Twitter, please do. They get real, are very transparent (including Twitpics of Bruce Willis in his PJs) and are setting the standard for Hollywood to follow. Follow them here: @aplusk & @mrskutcher.

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Cultural Arts in Franklin

I’m proud to be a part of a community & school that loves the arts with a passion! They attend Spring Hollow Community Learning Center, the art-based preschool that Emma & Jacob attend. 

Both of my kids enjoy painting and drawing, but my daughter Emma has a particular flair and passion for art. I bring her home daily from school splattered with paint on her clothing & body. She likes to use herself as a canvas quite frequently. (I do see tattoos in her future)  What I love about being able to send Emma to Spring Hollow is their philosophy on art and freedom pf expression. Many days I come in to find her in her rain boots and a guitar around her neck. She talks about her pottery and painting and loves, loves, loves to go to school there. We are blessed to have such a place in our community to attend.  It was founded by Dr. Katherine Ratliff Moon who is a true visionary as I have written about in previous posts. 

Dr. K is also the Vice Chairman of The Williamson County Cultural Arts Commission, a wonderful group of community leaders, artists and advocates in Franklin, TN and throughout Williamson County. Read below their mission and a key sentence that I love in red.  

The WCCAC exists to promote, encourage, educate, and advocate the cultural arts in Williamson County of Tennessee.  The mission of Williamson County Cultural Arts Commission is to promote development, accessibility, and excellence of cultural arts in Williamson County. The arts not only record our history and glorify the remarkable unifying spirit that is uniquely human but serve as a critical path of our success as a culture. As a part of our mission, the WCCAC is dedicated to encouraging the creative spirit and making its expression more readily available to everyone in our community. It is also our desire to acknowledge excellence in the arts.  The WCCAC…weaves the threads that connect the cultural arts to audiences in our growing, vibrant community.


They fund and manage community art projects, education and success. I can’t wait to continue my support and engage in my daughters pursuit of her passion.

Find out more about the WCCAC here:

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Cultivating Young Artists: Teaching Tolerance & Respect for All

One of my first blog posts was highlighting the wonderful land of creativity, artistic freedom and teaching methodologies at Spring Hollow Community Learning Center. This is the preschool that Emma and Jacob are attending. 

Beyond the organic approach to art and children, they are creating an environment of tolerance and respect for everyone with a method called Green Circle. Green circle involves the children gathered together to discuss feelings about being a part of a social group and how it feels to be excluded. They talk about methods to include each other in cooperative efforts, what to do if someone feels bad and how to express their feelings in a healthy manner.  Each child has their picture take and laminated. They use a large wall with a green circle on it with all of the kid pictures when they discuss being included in the circle or excluded.

While this may sound so very basic, it is the approach that is unique. Many preschools/daycares will teach young children that you can’t hit other people. It’s against the rules, it’s not nice, etc. But very, very few schools take a methodical approach teaching children how it feels to be hurt by your friend or someone you dont know and why it is important not to make anyone feel that way. One may think that kids are too young to grasp or vocalize these teachings, but children are remarkably intuitive and pick up on this so easy.

There have been many examples of children taking their picture down during the day as a signal that they are having trouble with their feelings. This allows the teacher to discuss it with them.  Often younger children know they are upset but dont know how to articulate those feelings. This gives them a method of signalling they need help. This is especially helpful for Emma & Jacob during this very critical, over emotional and stressful time in their young lives.

The visualization and song that is used in the teaching is key. 

Green Circle
Green Circle

Circle Green, Circle Green

Finest circle we have seen.
The greatest task that we know
Is to make the circle grow.
Smallest one circles me
Then we add the family.
Friends will make it larger still
Further we must spread good will.
People here, people there
All the children everywhere.
Are of one big family
In the circle they should be.
Circle round, you must start
In the home and in the heart.
And everywhere that you will go
You will make the circle grow.
Circle green, circle green
Happiest circle ever seen.
For all the children everywhere
We will make the circle there.
Circle green, as you grow
All  your love will overflow.
Show love for the world to see
That’s the way it ought to be.
Circle green, circle green
We can love and we can sing.
Help us love and help us care
Circle, circle everywhere.

 In a world that is growing smaller, how we interact with each other is so important. I’ve been in the preschool/daycare setting and witnessed how cruel children can be. Most often teachers discipline with time out or separate kids, etc. What I have not witnessed is a school that embraces and teaches as a whole this level of tolerance and respect for all.

I am so in love with this school.  It works for me.

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Quick & Easy Cutting Edge Culture

Being a  SAHM I yearn for adult conversation that does not involved talk of potty training, preschools or poptarts!   I mean let’s face it folks, my TV consists of Little Einsteins & The Backyardagins.  And once the kids are down for the night, TIVO and I have a wonderful love affair with mind-candy shows like Grey’s Anatomy & Desparate Housewives.  The only thing that I watch that makes you think a little is Lost. 

Unfortunately, when I get that rare chance to go out with those folks who dont stay at home with 2 YO twins, I didnt always feel like I could contribute something new and exciting or edgy to the conversation.  Until I discovered a quick and easy solution…

VSL (Very Short List)


 What is VSL – well, it’s a SHORT, SWEET EMAIL that gives you the skinny on GREAT DISCOVERIES on HIGH/LOW CULTURE. 

Here’s the email I received today.  They are always 1 pagers that are a quick read.  You delete the ones you dont like, pursue the ones you do.  They are always in the same exact format with a summary and options to click at the bottom to either share with a friend or go to a website or just watch a video clip, etc.  I would say that 70% of the stuff is really good and interesting and 30% I have shared with friends because I think the content is great! 

Go sign up for VSL and stay edgy with me!   

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MARCH 26, 2008


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Martin Scorsese has dipped into the Jagger-Richards songbook many times over his amazing career: Mean Streets, Goodfellas, Casino, and The Departed all have soundtracks goosed by Stones songs.

Therefore, who better than Marty (yeah, that’s what we call him) to document the tireless Rolling Stones’ 2006 appearance at New York’s Beacon Theatre? Shine a Light (in theaters 4/5) captures a relatively intimate charity concert — part of the 60th-birthday celebration for (the then totally beloved) Bill Clinton. (Warning: Arrive late and you’ll miss such surreal moments as Hillary’s mom surrendering to the charms of Keith Richards.)

Scorsese periodically cuts away to hilarious vintage interviews with the band — a group of far-less-energetic twentysomethings speculating on the future. By now jokes about Mick’s age are a little, well, old, aren’t they? Trust us, when you see this British knight still sashaying through a song like “Shattered” — shouting “Look at me!” — you’ll have only one thought: Our pleasure, sir (and may we be half so spry at your age).

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