Jacob’s 6 Foot Hot Wheel

Here are the pictures of Jacob’s finished room! Finally! This project took more ‘engineering’ than creativity for me. It could have been the size factor or that I’m not used to drawing cars on walls. Probably both. But I think it turned out ok.

To get the proportions right on the wall, I literally drew a grid on the picture I was using as reference and on the wall.

For the wall I measured out the squares & drew +‘s to plot the corners of each square. This gave me reference points without having a big grid to erase at the end of the project.

Next came the outlined sketch and the first layer of paint.

Then I filled in the small details and outlined it all in black to highlight the detail of the car.

(Psst! I have been known to use a black sharpie pen to do this part. It is easier to manage and quicker. But it gives a matte effect, not a glossy one.)

To give the windshield a sheen I used a pearlescent white paint. The glow adds depth to the car and catches the light regardless of where you stand in the room.

I intended to work on the shadowing of the windshield and the engine. But quite honestly, I ran out of time and he’s 4.

The real mistake I made on this project was not thinking of the position of his bed. I had it all laid out, then one visit from my sister and she suggests moving it to make more room for him to play. Agggg!

She was right, the bed needed moved. But because I painted the car in the middle of the largest wall, there wasn’t a lot of flexibility in rearranging the furniture.

You can see by the last picture here that his headboard covers up part of the engine and the track. But quite honestly, he’s 4. 🙂

If you have a project you’d like painted or just some help on getting started, leave me a comment and we’ll touch base.


Painting Paris – A Mini How To Guide

I’ve decided it was time for Emma & Jacob to have separate bedrooms. I tried this once when they were 2. I fought the screaming and crying for over a month and then put them back together. But this time we discussed it before hand and they both bought in. So as a gift to them I told them I would paint their room while they were gone visiting their dad over Christmas.

It started with a large search online for wall murals or wall stickers. Most of these are easily applied and removed. I didn’t have the money to get what I really wanted to I decided to paint instead. I haven’t painted in a long time but I love to be creative, so I knew it would be a lot of fun (work)!

Since I’ve had a few folks following my updates on Twitter & Facebook several questions have popped up. How did you do that?, Was it hard?, etc. Easy & No are the respective answers.  If you have 2 days and paint, you can do it too! Here’s how:

  1. The first thing I do on a project like this is develop a dimensional layout.
    • Print off a copy of the mural.
    • Measure the largest item with a ruler.
    • Determine the space you have to work with on the wall.
    • Come up with an easy ratio to apply (i.e. 1 in on paper = 1 ft on the wall)
    • This becomes your dimensional layout so the picture is proportionate.
  2. Draw a pencil sketch of the largest item on the wall using your layout.
    • If you need to you can plot a few points that are measured out with a yardstick or
    • If you need to you can draw a proportionate grid on the paper and on the wall, then sketch your largest item using the grid as your guide.
  3. Pencil sketch in the rest of the items on the wall using your layout.
    • All of the details do not need to be included, just the outline and major lines. (i.e. I didn’t include the white circles on the mirror frame on my original sketch. Ref pics below)
  4. Paint all large areas first, going from left to right if you are right handed (this is a tip to help you avoid smearing paint as you move across the wall). Let it dry overnight.
  5. Paint all the small areas and add details to your heart’s desire!

That’s it! It’s easy! You can do it!  Trust me. I’m not an artist. I’m more of the engineer type that breaks it down visually to connect the dots.  Below are the pics of Emma’s room start to finish. I’ll be posting Jacob’s room when it’s done.

I’m In The Mood for Love……

Loving new websites, that is!  So folks, I’ve been on an emotional hiatus from blogging. Lots of stuff going on here, but I’m coming out of it today just in time to be greeted by this wonderful website call Moodstream by GettyImages.  WOW! 

Moodstream by Gettyimages
Moodstream by Gettyimages

Awesome: GettyImages MoodStream

For creative types, there is nothing more terrifying than a blank screen. If this happens to you (I know I suffer from this brain-drain syndrome periodically) then check out a powerful brainstorming tool called Moodstream from Getty Images.

Images, video footage and audio are available to provide inspiration for your creative. Users simply fine-tune their mood setting (happy or sad, calm or lively, nostalgic or contemporary) and choose a few preset indicators (intensify, stabilize, excite, inspire, etc.) which reflect their current mood and Getty pulls images, video and audio will detailed information making it available for purchase.

An excellent idea all around – the presentation of content and a stellar user interface is going to make MoodStream a phenomenal add-on service for Getty.

Settings for Moodstream
Settings for Moodstream

 I personally fell in love with Refresh. You can also adjust the audio for more or less music with words or not. So the visual and audio settings are completely within your control.  If you’re looking for inspiration or just some really juicy mind-candy, this is the sight to meet your needs.   Enoy!

This is a part of Watercooler Wednesday.

How creative are you?


OK, So I’m not doing so great at this code & linking & posting thing, because I cant get the cute little box that shows I scored 73% creativity on a brain test that I picked up at Brody’s blog.  But I think you can click on my score above & go take the test too.  Or you can find it at www.synchallenge.com

What did you score?

For the record, I did the Stranded on the Moon test too.  Yeah, I’d die, should plan on staying here on Earth.