Ten Thousand Tears

Ten thousand tears melt my eyes, burn my skin

As the crumbling little pieces of me collide.

Silent screams inside my heart, shame my sin 

With deeply fractured soul in darkness I abide.


Tis tortured truth light can not bear to hear

So forced expressions mirror what the world doth see

Downcast eyes with crooked smile hide the fear

Now i rest, head in hands and time stands still for me.


Ten thousand tears melt my eyes, burn my skin

As the crumbling little pieces of me collide.

Forever wrecked oh my soul aches within

Torments me, rips my heart causing a great divide.


Will I ever be whole again?




You all asked for more. Here it is, a bit darker. No a lot darker. But it is what it is and brought to you as a part of Ethos Water Cooler Wednesday.


Silly Little Poem

Wow!  I just had to post on this because I didn’t know what else to do.

I can’t say Thank You All!  enough for the positive response I have received on my silly little poem – Breaking Free. 

I was nervous about posting it. I’ve never went public with anything that I’ve written like this before. It just didn’t seem good enough or finished or whatever.

You all are such a creative and talented group of writers and artists. So it means all the more to hear it from you. I am inspired here every day by what I read on everyone’s blogs. You are certainly building up my creative side.

There is more rambling around inside my head & heart as this is such an emotional time for me. I often feel the need to put pen to paper.  Given your shot of encouraging words, I guess it’s time I did it.

Thank you again!  Thank you for making me brave and helping me share!

Breaking Free

Standing on the edge of this life

I reach my hands out in front of me

My heart tugs at the familiar behind

I am alone


Yearning to taste of the newness

I dare to set the past behind

My lips part in a sweet goodbye

I am sullen


Gazing wide-eyed wonder far beyond

I hold my breath and listen

My pulse waits for the moment to arrive

I am silent


Trembling with anticipation and fear

I push forward breaking away

My life stumbles into colors and light

I am free




This is a part of Water Cooler Wednesday by Randy Elrod’s Ethos