Cultural Arts in Franklin

I’m proud to be a part of a community & school that loves the arts with a passion! They attend Spring Hollow Community Learning Center, the art-based preschool that Emma & Jacob attend. 

Both of my kids enjoy painting and drawing, but my daughter Emma has a particular flair and passion for art. I bring her home daily from school splattered with paint on her clothing & body. She likes to use herself as a canvas quite frequently. (I do see tattoos in her future)  What I love about being able to send Emma to Spring Hollow is their philosophy on art and freedom pf expression. Many days I come in to find her in her rain boots and a guitar around her neck. She talks about her pottery and painting and loves, loves, loves to go to school there. We are blessed to have such a place in our community to attend.  It was founded by Dr. Katherine Ratliff Moon who is a true visionary as I have written about in previous posts. 

Dr. K is also the Vice Chairman of The Williamson County Cultural Arts Commission, a wonderful group of community leaders, artists and advocates in Franklin, TN and throughout Williamson County. Read below their mission and a key sentence that I love in red.  

The WCCAC exists to promote, encourage, educate, and advocate the cultural arts in Williamson County of Tennessee.  The mission of Williamson County Cultural Arts Commission is to promote development, accessibility, and excellence of cultural arts in Williamson County. The arts not only record our history and glorify the remarkable unifying spirit that is uniquely human but serve as a critical path of our success as a culture. As a part of our mission, the WCCAC is dedicated to encouraging the creative spirit and making its expression more readily available to everyone in our community. It is also our desire to acknowledge excellence in the arts.  The WCCAC…weaves the threads that connect the cultural arts to audiences in our growing, vibrant community.


They fund and manage community art projects, education and success. I can’t wait to continue my support and engage in my daughters pursuit of her passion.

Find out more about the WCCAC here:

This is a post for Watercooler Wednesday .



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