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Being a  SAHM I yearn for adult conversation that does not involved talk of potty training, preschools or poptarts!   I mean let’s face it folks, my TV consists of Little Einsteins & The Backyardagins.  And once the kids are down for the night, TIVO and I have a wonderful love affair with mind-candy shows like Grey’s Anatomy & Desparate Housewives.  The only thing that I watch that makes you think a little is Lost. 

Unfortunately, when I get that rare chance to go out with those folks who dont stay at home with 2 YO twins, I didnt always feel like I could contribute something new and exciting or edgy to the conversation.  Until I discovered a quick and easy solution…

VSL (Very Short List)


 What is VSL – well, it’s a SHORT, SWEET EMAIL that gives you the skinny on GREAT DISCOVERIES on HIGH/LOW CULTURE. 

Here’s the email I received today.  They are always 1 pagers that are a quick read.  You delete the ones you dont like, pursue the ones you do.  They are always in the same exact format with a summary and options to click at the bottom to either share with a friend or go to a website or just watch a video clip, etc.  I would say that 70% of the stuff is really good and interesting and 30% I have shared with friends because I think the content is great! 

Go sign up for VSL and stay edgy with me!   

This post is part of Randy Elrod’s Watercooler Wednesday and Rocks in my Dryer WFMW.


MARCH 26, 2008


venn diagram


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Martin Scorsese has dipped into the Jagger-Richards songbook many times over his amazing career: Mean Streets, Goodfellas, Casino, and The Departed all have soundtracks goosed by Stones songs.

Therefore, who better than Marty (yeah, that’s what we call him) to document the tireless Rolling Stones’ 2006 appearance at New York’s Beacon Theatre? Shine a Light (in theaters 4/5) captures a relatively intimate charity concert — part of the 60th-birthday celebration for (the then totally beloved) Bill Clinton. (Warning: Arrive late and you’ll miss such surreal moments as Hillary’s mom surrendering to the charms of Keith Richards.)

Scorsese periodically cuts away to hilarious vintage interviews with the band — a group of far-less-energetic twentysomethings speculating on the future. By now jokes about Mick’s age are a little, well, old, aren’t they? Trust us, when you see this British knight still sashaying through a song like “Shattered” — shouting “Look at me!” — you’ll have only one thought: Our pleasure, sir (and may we be half so spry at your age).

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