Applying LifeWorks 2.0

So I sat in LifeWorks 2.0 today with a ton of awesome bloggers like JVo from VertizontalBrody Harper and Vicky Beeching.  We were led by the dynamic duo of BlogFather – Randy Elrod & BlogSon – Spence Smith.  I learned so much I thought my head would expode. From all the bloggy basics to more advanced applications, such as: Carnivals, Twitter, Pingbacks, MogulusYouTube, Linky Love, (that’s Linky, not Kinky) Permalinks, etc. It was all there. 

So what am I doing up at 12:08 am on Wednesday? I am already applying in real life what I learned in LifeWorks. 

I’ve been participating in Randy’s  blog carnival  – Water Cooler Wedsnesday’s for a while now.  And I’ve received a lot of traffic because of it. I try to make my posts relevant to culture, arts or technology.  Sometimes I don’t do a very good job, but other days my blog rocks with traffic because of posts like this.

I also participate in another blog carnival  hosted by Rocks in My Dryer called Works For Me Wednesday. I have not done a very good job of posting relevant things there. And I’m feeling guilty because I’m not following the rules very well or  keeping it real  or  providing compelling content. 😦  

So tonight, or today however you want to look at it, I decided to dedicate two unique posts to each carnival and make them count. I wrote by post for WFMW first, you can read it here. And can I tell you how excited I was to post it and be #72.  Yes, #72 – that’s like blog carnival prime real estate for WFMW because this carnival gets well over 200 posts.  That’s a lot of links and a lot of things to read. So it you post in the front of a carnival you get more traffic.  You also have to post with a good title tag. What better than to tell people How to Get Free Stuff. I’d say that would compel anyone to look.

Here’s the beauty and the mystery of the blogosphere all coming to light. While I was there I glanced at some of the other early posts. And I’d StumbleUpon a post by Karla called How Not To Be A Twitter Nit Wit.  This was awesome!  It gave me, a Twitter neophyte, a great lesson on applications to use with Twitter.  Now, don’t get me wrong Randy & Spence did a great job of explaining Twitter at LifeWorks 2.0 and how to use it and why to use it.  But this took things to another level for me. It’s more of an Advanced Twitter lesson. 

This was also a good exercise to apply what I learned in LifeWorks 2.0.  Why?

  1. I participated in 2 blog carnivals that I got in on early (by staying up late)
  2. I posted on Carnival 1 with compelling content, a good title tag and kept it real.
  3. Which led me to meet another blogger , via Linky Love, Karla, who is also from Nashville and a great mom blogger.
  4. She offered at the end of her post to follow her on Twitter, which I did. And I’m hoping she will follow me because participating in social networking is crucial to blogging success. (Participate in LifeWorks 2.0 to find out why).
  5. I also added a thoughtful comment to her blog and invited her to coffee. Seeing she is an experienced blogger, I’m hoping we can connect & share.
  6. And I got to post all of this today on Carnival 2 and provide you all a lesson in cultural media.

Why do all of this?     To…  BUILD THE COMMUNITY …  because when we do…  RISING TIDES LIFT ALL SHIPS!

Thanks BlogGranddad & BlogDad for such great lessons today at LifeWorks 2.0

Sending My Best,

Amy     (I am actually a BlogGrandDaughter, in this grand scheme!)

PS. For those who missed LifeWorks 2.0, this is just the first millimeter tip of the iceberg that is LifeWorks. Send a request to Randy or Spence to hold another class quick.  You really can’t afford to miss it again!