My Passions…

Want to be a voyeur in to my heart & soul?  These are the things that make me smile, can brighten my day and can make my heart race at just the thought of….

My Kids, My Family

My Friends

Travel I love to travel.  I used to do so much more of it pre-twins.  Snow skiing in the winter, beach bumming in the summer, hiking in the fall & typically someone was always getting married in the spring.  4 to 5 trips a year.  As much as I loved most of my trips there are a few favorites… Hawaii, Napa & Grand Cayman. Taking the twins to Riveria Maya, Mexico when they were 11 months old was even great. Several business trips have had great weekend travel perks to Paris, Luxemburg & Germany.  Overall my last trip to Europe was possibly the biggest and most event filled trip hitting Nice, Cannes, Aix-en-Provence, Eze, Monaco, Portofino, Florence, Venice & Lake Como.

All Things Tuscan & Provincial – This is not to be confused with things that are Italian & French because they are different.  Provence & Tuscany have their own defined way of life & sense of being that make them truly unique.  I could stay and linger indefinitely in either place taking in the sights & smells & delighful tastes of the regions, which brings me to my next topic.

Cooking – I love to cook!  I love food!  So that works out well for me and whoever is my guest!  Can you guess what I love cooking the most?  Yep, Italian. Then next in line is what I would call Napa-Style Cuisine, Provincial, Traditional American Comfort Foods, Seafood & Thai.  I think that covers it all in order.  I think the best method of cooking for me is picking the fresh veggies & herbs from the garden & letting my imagination run wild. Sometimes I will get stuck in a cooking rut, but cooking burnout of one thing will often lead to a break through somewhere else.  Now don’t get me confused with someone who bakes, as in cakes & pies, etc. I can if I absolutely have to fix something, but it is not a joy for me by any means.  Probably because it requires following detailed directions.  I’ve never really been very good at following directions (baking or otherwise).

Wine – And let us not forget the wine.  My favorite vinter is Cakebread –  Chardonnay – YUMMY! And I recently had the pleasure of trying Molly Dooker – Carnival of Love – Shiraz – OOOOHHHHH Words Cannot Describe!  For an unemployed SAHM, Cakebread is a luxury purchase and Carnival of Love is not gonna happen unless someone else is buying.  So overall I’ve turned in to a lover of the boxed wine at Costco – particularly the Delicato Pinot Grigio.  It’s inexpensive, please note, I didn’t use the word cheap. It’s refreshing on a hot summer day.  It makes excellent fresh peach sangria for friends to enjoy.  And it kicks off this girls evening every summer night. [They have also sold Fish Eye, Le Faux Frog & Black Box. This topic will make a good post one day.  We’ll save this for another debate.]




One thought on “My Passions…

  1. Dear Amy,

    I don’t know if you remember me or not…but I live in Lexington, Kentucky and drive a special needs school bus.

    I was on twitter until Feb. 23rd. (I just needed a break).

    I prayed for you many times in the past. I appreciate your life & ministry.

    May God bless,

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