Jacob’s 6 Foot Hot Wheel

Here are the pictures of Jacob’s finished room! Finally! This project took more ‘engineering’ than creativity for me. It could have been the size factor or that I’m not used to drawing cars on walls. Probably both. But I think it turned out ok.

To get the proportions right on the wall, I literally drew a grid on the picture I was using as reference and on the wall.

For the wall I measured out the squares & drew +‘s to plot the corners of each square. This gave me reference points without having a big grid to erase at the end of the project.

Next came the outlined sketch and the first layer of paint.

Then I filled in the small details and outlined it all in black to highlight the detail of the car.

(Psst! I have been known to use a black sharpie pen to do this part. It is easier to manage and quicker. But it gives a matte effect, not a glossy one.)

To give the windshield a sheen I used a pearlescent white paint. The glow adds depth to the car and catches the light regardless of where you stand in the room.

I intended to work on the shadowing of the windshield and the engine. But quite honestly, I ran out of time and he’s 4.

The real mistake I made on this project was not thinking of the position of his bed. I had it all laid out, then one visit from my sister and she suggests moving it to make more room for him to play. Agggg!

She was right, the bed needed moved. But because I painted the car in the middle of the largest wall, there wasn’t a lot of flexibility in rearranging the furniture.

You can see by the last picture here that his headboard covers up part of the engine and the track. But quite honestly, he’s 4. 🙂

If you have a project you’d like painted or just some help on getting started, leave me a comment and we’ll touch base.


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