Tea Tree Oil-Must Have Medical Fix All

Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil

I don’t usually talk about products on my blog, but this I can’t help but share with you. And actually everyone I see!

It’s Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil!

I started using Melaleuca products 4 months ago after learning a bit about them and their company. I was very skeptical, but hoping for the best.

Now I can say for sure that I have been more than impressed with several products and this is one of them.

It is a cure all for so many things, I can’t even list them all. But from personal experience I can attest to 2 major discoveries about using Tea Tree Oil.

1) John’s been suffering from eczema in his ears since high school. He’s tried everything from specialty creams to prescription ointments with no luck. Until now! Within 3 days he had significant improvement and within 5 days it was gone! 20 years of suffering from this irritating skin condition and now it is gone. All it took was a little swab of this on a qtip.

2) I burned my thumb on a 450 degree oven rack. Ouch! It covered the major of the top of my thumb including the knuckle. Yes, I got it good for sure. It was blistering up within minutes. I ran cold water over it and then went for the Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil. I had read that it worked on burns. So I applied it once after I did it that evening and once before I went to bed that night. The next morning I woke to find the blistering gone, redness faded, pain eliminated! It was not even tender to the touch. I showed John and he could not believe it. I only applied it TWICE and it was gone. All the aloe in the world couldn’t do make a burn disappear.

Like I said before I’m the skeptic. I’m not in to holistic medicine. I’ve been raised and more often than not doctor myself and my family with the typical pharmaceutical remedies from Walgreen’s shelves. But this has opened my eyes to more options.

I think my family and I will be healthier because of it. 🙂

Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!


3 thoughts on “Tea Tree Oil-Must Have Medical Fix All

  1. Welcome to the Melaleuca family. We have been customers for 3 years. I could go on and on about the wonderful products and how our family has benefited. My hubby has not refilled his psoriasis prescription in 3 years–since switching!

    We use products from the entire store. Give them all a try; you’ll love them.

    Right now my fave is Activate. It’s an immunity booster supplement. I take that at the first sign of a tickle in my throat and like that (*snap) I’ve prevented a cold. Wonderful!

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