Painting Paris – A Mini How To Guide

I’ve decided it was time for Emma & Jacob to have separate bedrooms. I tried this once when they were 2. I fought the screaming and crying for over a month and then put them back together. But this time we discussed it before hand and they both bought in. So as a gift to them I told them I would paint their room while they were gone visiting their dad over Christmas.

It started with a large search online for wall murals or wall stickers. Most of these are easily applied and removed. I didn’t have the money to get what I really wanted to I decided to paint instead. I haven’t painted in a long time but I love to be creative, so I knew it would be a lot of fun (work)!

Since I’ve had a few folks following my updates on Twitter & Facebook several questions have popped up. How did you do that?, Was it hard?, etc. Easy & No are the respective answers.  If you have 2 days and paint, you can do it too! Here’s how:

  1. The first thing I do on a project like this is develop a dimensional layout.
    • Print off a copy of the mural.
    • Measure the largest item with a ruler.
    • Determine the space you have to work with on the wall.
    • Come up with an easy ratio to apply (i.e. 1 in on paper = 1 ft on the wall)
    • This becomes your dimensional layout so the picture is proportionate.
  2. Draw a pencil sketch of the largest item on the wall using your layout.
    • If you need to you can plot a few points that are measured out with a yardstick or
    • If you need to you can draw a proportionate grid on the paper and on the wall, then sketch your largest item using the grid as your guide.
  3. Pencil sketch in the rest of the items on the wall using your layout.
    • All of the details do not need to be included, just the outline and major lines. (i.e. I didn’t include the white circles on the mirror frame on my original sketch. Ref pics below)
  4. Paint all large areas first, going from left to right if you are right handed (this is a tip to help you avoid smearing paint as you move across the wall). Let it dry overnight.
  5. Paint all the small areas and add details to your heart’s desire!

That’s it! It’s easy! You can do it!  Trust me. I’m not an artist. I’m more of the engineer type that breaks it down visually to connect the dots.  Below are the pics of Emma’s room start to finish. I’ll be posting Jacob’s room when it’s done.


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