Life Without Kids

The Hug

The Hug


I have a week without the kids!!!

No getting up to make breakfast, no packing lunches, no fights over the TV, no baths to take, no tiffs about bedtime stories, no getting up 4 times a night for anything & everything under the sun!

I’m going to sleep in, go to the gym, hang pictures, organize the hall closet, hang pictures, scrub down the house, clean out the playroom, go to a writer’s group, fix a candlelight gourmet dinner, go dancing with John, get an overdue massage, watch the TV programs I want to watch! Awesome!

1st Night Home Alone

Me: It’s kinda of quiet.

John: I miss the kids.

Me: So do I, let’s call them

John: I was just going to suggest that!

Call the kids…

  • Me: Hey Emma! What are you doing?
  • Emma: Playing, is Mr John there, I want to talk to him…
  • Me: Hey Jacob! I miss you buddy. What are you doing?
  • Jacob: Nothing, what’s Mr John doing? Can I talk to him…

1st Day Home Alone

Sleep in, spend all day in my pjs, surf the net, do not clean, no gourmet dinner on the table.

2nd Night Home Alone

Me: What do you want to do?

John: Nothing, just relax & watch TV.

Me: Me too.

(Flip, flip, flip)

Me: There’s nothing on.

2nd Day Home Alone

Sleep in, dream I kiss Brad Pitt, wake up with a migraine. At 2:30, I’m still in my pjs. No cleaning. No gourmet dinner planned.

Thinking how much I miss the kids.

So far, it’s not going according to my plan


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