Faux Blog Advertisements

racheltopDo marketers really think we are that stupid? YES

I’ve been bombarded with tweets, in addition to seeing side ads, etc. for blogs offering to show you how “Amanda lost 35 lbs using these two over the counter products” or “I’m a SAHM who whitened her teeth for free. I’ll share my secret with you for free”


Now I guess these wouldn’t bother me so much if I didn’t occasionally click on them hoping to find someone’s story. Just like some of my stories. Mind you, I don’t advertise them on FB, but I do tweet about my stories. So I figure that maybe there is something to the tweet and it’s worth a click to check it out.


This is what I get… Rachel Ray Blog – I lost 52 lbs. I like Rachel Ray. I think she’s cute, charming, and down to earth. Just a little to peppy for me some days. But hey, I love hearing other peoples success stories. Besides, she’s lost weight and we kinda have the same body type, so it’s worth a look, right?


It’s not Rachel Ray at all. It’s Alyssa’s Blog telling me about how she followed Rachel’s diet & it worked & as an added bonus she is going to show me how to get the stuff for free. Lucky me. There are even comments under her story from other people thanking her for her story & free offers. What a girl, right?


Something seems to be wrong with this blog… Comments are closed, all the links at the bottom of the page are bad, all the side likes: About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, etc. all link back to the page you are actually on. The only link that seems to be working it to go buy the products they are selling.

So why set it up to look like a blog? Do they think we are that stupid? Do marketers think if we can’t have a chat (leave comments) with Alyssa or go to any other page on her blog that we will believe she is even for real? It’s really bothersome. If this works to fool some people, these people should be quarantined and sterilized, thus preventing them from having children. No sense in dumbing down future generations.

I will now remove myself from this soapbox and let the rest of you go back to work. Ahhh I feel so much better getting this off my chest.

Have a nice day!


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