Vote for Blue Eyes!

Little Blue Eyes

Little Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes Too!

Blue Eyes Too!

While I always figured that my kids would be cute, I also renounced the idea of being a stage mom. But I gotta say… my son is not only cute, he’s an entertainer. He’s outgoing and very expressive. He enjoys singing and is jealous his sister gets to take dance lessons. He’s a little JT wanna be! So please use this link and vote for my blue eye’d charmer so his talents don’t go to waste! LOL!

Emma has been born in the wrong decade. She is really a hippy from the 60’s who wants to dance and spread love to everyone. She’s a bit more shy at times. But once you get her going watch out! She’s smart, quick witted, more daring of the two and so beautiful! Not just on the outside but on the inside too. She has such a warm spirit! You can choose the same link below to get to Emma.

Thanks for your votes!!!


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