Elizabeth Gilbert – Thinking About Creativity

This was posted by a wonderful local writer/blogger friend, Angela Hart (Angle of Repose). If you’ve read, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert (or if you have not) and you fancy yourself to be of the creative breed, then you will thoroughly enjoy this video and her take on the creative process.


One thought on “Elizabeth Gilbert – Thinking About Creativity

  1. Amy, I stalked your blog, today. I know, now, it was to find this video. Thank you, so much, for sharing it with me. I’m Heidi. I’m a bankrupt blogger that just found some inspiration to keep showing up, regardless. I’m going to watch this video, again, as soon as I post this comment. I’m planning to watch it a few more times, this week. I may just read “Eat, Pray, Love,” again. Out loud. Without you, I would never have had this wonderful last 19 minutes, of time.

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