Beauty Rises

Promising by Epic Creatives

Promising by Epic Creatives

Behind the ashen worn fringe
colors are feeble. There
darkness teeters on the edge of light
exposing the imperfections.

Beyond the paleness, the fray
is a delicate threshold. Where
thinly veiled fears are diminished
emerging as luminous hope.

Baring the wounds of the soul
crimson passion bursts forth.

Tenuously yearning to be released.

Beauty rises from radiant distress
Calling to the world.

Do not forget me.

This lovely piece of art is from the talented Stoney Noell. It just instantly captured me. I suppose it was a bit of a muse that inspired these words.  You can find his other pieces at Epic Creativity.


3 thoughts on “Beauty Rises

  1. Amy,

    Painting with words. That’s what this is all about. Well done. I was completely lost in them.

    I wonder if my eyes could see like that.

    Love you!

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