Introducing Beyond Creatives

It’s official. I’m launching a new business this year.

Beyond Creatives!

Web Design.Social Media.Small Biz Consulting



I’ve done some print & web design before, but thanks to Dan Powell at Endurance Sports & Rec and several other new clients,  I decided to take on the freelance business myself. 

Please be patient as it will take me a few days to get my professional site up and running. I really feel this is what I’m being called to do because my great passion right now is being creative and helping people at the same time. There is no budget or client too small that does not deserve to have a great site within their means. There are many ways to develop effective sites with social media and become independent of your “web developer”. Let me work my way out of a job for you. Hey! Money’s tight, everyone is cutting back. If I can set you up so you can easily maintain your site instead of paying me, then we both win. Why is that a win for me? Because web management is not my thing. Honestly, I find it boring. I want to develop your site and give you the tools and training to do the maintenance and help it grow.  Give me a call, let’s talk. 

You will see more shortly! 




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