Confessions of a 40-Something Woman

42-15641315I found this article on and I was surprised at some of the stats. In the US, 29 million women are in their 40’s with 6,000 of them turning 50 every day. What stood out the most in this article is the honesty with which it was written. I agreed with it, felt comfortable with it and laughed with it. I think you will too! I’ve pulled out a few statements that spoke to me personally.  


Many of us have demanding kids or aging parents or a little of each. We juggle jobs, mortgages, student loans, and cancer treatments with low-fat diets, low-impact aerobics, low-grade depressions, a strong sense of irony, a dark sense of humor, and a full-bodied cabernet.

We are tired. We are very tired — we’ve thought seriously about penciling in a nervous breakdown for ourselves, but we’ve been through everything the world has to throw at us so many times that it’s damn near impossible to get nervous about much of anything.

Despite (or perhaps because of) all the coulda, woulda, shoulda moments that have come and gone, we’ve learned how to have a good laugh, an impromptu party, and an impure thought (or two) on a semiregular basis. We consider our options, our alternatives, our exit strategies. We take notes, we plan ahead, but we always leave room for serendipity. We are an entire generation of women who are making up our lives as we go along.

I especially like that last line in the paragraph above. We “are making up our lives as we go along.” That is exactly what I’m doing.

Thanks to nearly 48 years at the big dance, a million mistakes, and one extraordinary psychiatrist, I’ve finally achieved the occasional touch of clarity. I’m getting to be resourceful. I’m getting to be resilient, and I hope that on my better days, I’m getting to be a little more calm, a little more contemplative, a little more compassionate.

What doesn’t kill me does not make me stronger. It makes me anxious, bitchy, and vulnerable…but nobody wants to see that embroidered on a pillow.

And though last year was especially tough and this year started out shaky. It looks like it’s going to be a fun ride going forward. Who knows what will happen next? I’m just making it up as I go along.


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