I’ve Got A Secret


Well, actually I have a lot. But I’m trying to be more transparent these days. Shining a light on the truth is not always pretty but I fully believe that confession is good for the soul. But does it count if you don’t own it?

This all comes up because of I site I stumbled across called SecretTweet.com It’s like that postcard site, where everyone writes their confessions down and mails it in to be published anonymously for the world to ogle. Well this is like that only it’s for Twitter. Some are a little funny, but mainly I found both sites full of pain, suffering and bitterness.

For example, who says they wish their friend would knock up his new girlfriend, bc it would be funny.

Who’s living in denial & delusion: The divorce is not final and I’m still married but found the man I was to spend my life with. (BTW That one wasn’t mine).

Then there’s this one: I’m planning to have a baby with in a year, but no one knows – not even my boyfriend who will father this child.


I wonder what would happen if people lifted these things up to God instead of to the general population at large. I’m thinking we’d see a difference.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Secret

  1. I believe in the saying, “lift it up to God.” We all think and do things that we shouldn’t, but if we have faith that God will see us through it, then it can be done. Maybe not the way that we wanted or thought it would, but it will. I’ve heard of the postcard site and there are some weird things. Makes you wonder about people. Of course, maybe some of them make it up for drama sake.

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