Breaking Through the Fog

AUS077Today was a better day 🙂

  • I didn’t get a good night’s sleep or start at 7 am. 
  • I didn’t get my quiet time this morning because the kids got up when I got up. 
  • I didn’t get the kids to school on time because we were running late.
  • I didn’t get to run outside because I didn’t want to battle the cold. 
  • I didn’t get the majority of my to do list done. 
  • I didn’t run 3 miles, I only ran 2.
  • I didn’t get to spend my evening the way I wanted.

But it was all ok. I think the fog is thinning. In the not too far distance, the sun seems to be breaking through the clouds. Just a peek. But that’s all that’s needed. Because I know this too shall pass.

It was very encouraging to have a great response to my question on depression and prayer. I had some great tweets of support as well. 

I’ve also been trying to focus on accomplishing just 1 or 2 “must-do” activities a day, not my entire list. Trying to push myself and put too much pressure on what I’m doing or not doing gets me no where. As Dr. F, my therapist, says, ” You know Amy, all the things you want to accomplish are great things, just not all at the same time.” Ha!

The irony in that is I was just fine doing nothing, with no specific goals and no specific agenda for the day or the future except for writing and learning. But I began to feel a lot of pressure about having a life plan, what was my next step going to be, what career decisions should I make. My anxiety started to build and trying to make decisions became harder. But the pressure was worse because I have a house payment and my rental property was vacant going on 4 months. Two mortgages with temporary support was horrible. 

But as this process was drawn out, the anxiety was replaced with the depression. I stopped writing and barely fit in any kind of exercise.  Then I began to realize my outlets that I relied so heavily on in the beginning of this process were pushed by the wayside because I was so focused on career and life decisions. I was completely out of balance. Completely. 

What made this day better was…

  • being more focused on quality not quantity
  • being gracious with myself & my kids
  • connecting with some old friends and new friends
  • accomplishing more than laying in bed all day (ha!)
  • being told I am beautiful spontaneously by my son
  • being told I love you by my daughter at least 5 times

It’s hard to be blue with a day like this 🙂


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