How to Lose Your Blog Readers in 10 Days!

It’s pretty simple.  Don’t post. Don’t read. Don’t engage. LOL!

It’s what I’ve managed to do. With all that has gone on in my life this year, I’ve always managed to make the time to write. It was necessary to get it all out. Almost like an escape I made into Cyberspace to avoid the daily grind of what I didnt want to be facing or doing. It was good in some ways to get the emotional release, bad in others as I procrastinated in the the real world.

As things have improved in life a bit and settled down some, I seem to take less time to blog. Instead I’m putting more time in on things I feel have been neglected. Getting organized around the house, wrapping up year end finances, trying to finalize this divorce, focusing more on work – finding it, and my kids. Not that they have been neglected in a bad way, but I’m trying to focus more on the fun of doing things with them instead of just being around them. 

So all of this came to a head when I went on my quest to Florida. Quieting the noise in my life was a priority. I needed to put away my electronic distractions to create a focus and sense of being more centered in my life.  I feel like I have moved toward accomplishing that goal, even though I believe it will always be more of a journey for me, not just a destination.

But in some ways I feel I may have been too quiet by not blogging or reading blogs or interacting in Twitter. Instead I’ve just been on the fringes. And something seemed missing because of it. I’m not as connected with folks. Some of them in my Twittersphere are also social acquaintances. They are more than a random @name. Not tweeting with them and engaging them feels like I’ve lost touch with friends. That’s the down side to this story. 

But I was once told to write everyday. Blog everyday. To maintain readers, you have to do it everyday. And I supposed in a way it was true. When I participated in blog carnivals and wrote everyday, my readership was about 20 times the volume it is now. But there is also a point to blogging on a personal blog. For me, if I was not inspired, I could not post. I know some writers who write a weeks worth of posts in a day and schedule them to appear. I suppose if it’s a business or some part of a ministry, then it’s just how you manage your work load. I guess it’s easy just to put something out there for the sake of posting, but to me that just seems a little fake on a personal blog. 

Ideally, I’d like to write on a daily basis and feel inspired to write that much. I never want to become the blogger who posts for readership stats. I want it to be real regardless of the content. It doesn’t always have to be controversial or deeply emotional; it could just be a crazy picture of my kids and I having fun. I hope that as my life moves toward more stability and less craziness that it will be easier to do. 

So I may not be writing as much. But I hope what I do write is of substance and/or just a real hoot that makes your day!


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