Table For 1 – Top 10 Reasons To Vacation Alone

Top 10 Reasons To Vacation Alone – At least once in your adult life….

10. You get to hog the covers in bed.

9.  You control the TV remote control.

8.  You set the thermostat on what ever temperature you want AND change it at will.

7.  You can eat whatever you want, including JUST KitKat’s & Diet Coke. (Not that I did, but I could if I wanted to!)

6.  You can sit by the pool or on the beach & read all day long without moving (except for potty breaks!)

5.  You can sleep in til 9:00 or 10:00 or Noon…. Hell, stay in bed all day! Why not?! Who’s gonna know?!

4.  You can go shopping all day long with no time constraints or agendas, just a leisurely stroll.

3.   You get to eat at any restaurant you want to any time day or night, assuming they’re open. (Apparently, everything closes in SanDestin at 9pm)

2.   You can stand on the beach with your arms stretched wide open and laugh or cry or burst in to song while the breeze blows through your hair. Don’t worry about people staring. Remember, no one knows you. Come on live a little!!!

And the #1 reason to go on vacation alone is……


Isn’t it about time you did something for yourself?


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