The Party You Have Reached Is Temporarily Unavailable…

Sorry folks, but my PC died. Actually the plug in part. I’ve got a Mac on the way and a new plug in on the way, but until then. I’m sequestered to the library for 30 minutes at a time. Not good.

A few quick updates….

I saw the doc today about my arm and he thinks it looks great!  I’ve been released to run and train again. But lifting is still at a premium. I’m supposed to take it slow and do what I can til it hurts. And it does hurt, but he told me it would. 

I’m having a huge purge fest at the house. As I unpack, I’m decluttering and simplifying. It feels so good to be rid of things that I no longer use or really need. I’ve been lugging them around for too long. It’s like shedding old skin. Feels good!

I’m having a charity yard sale this weekend to hopefully raise the rest of the money for my TNT Half Marathon. I’m excited about it. I’m really going to get back in to training now that I have my doc’s approval to officially start again. So if you need furniture for a bonus room, dorm room, new apartment, of just some added decor, please stop by. Also selling kids clothes (from Walmart to Old Navy to Janie & Jack) from newborn to 2T. Womens clothes and shoes. Computer stuff. Baskets. A small black entertainment center, desk, coffee table and much much more.

Let’s see what else…

Oh yeah, I’m doing a time study on me. I’ve been asked over and over how I spend my days without the kids and besides therapy, unpacking and fundraising I really didn’t know. So I’m jotting down my activities for a week to see where I am. I think I could be much more efficient. But until I have a baseline I really can’t figure out what steps to take next.

OK, that just about finishes it for now. (I’m down to 13 minutes at the library).



2 thoughts on “The Party You Have Reached Is Temporarily Unavailable…

  1. Well, that is a nice idea, a sale of things that you don’t want anymore!!. I am full of those things here in my house!!

    Good luck with your arm, i once ran with a bandage on my wrist, did not listen to the doctor. But for me, it worked out ok!

    But that was just me!!


  2. Amy,
    I found your site through the google knol page you made on Running in Heat. I am a two time Olympic runner who is currently building a marathon site + looking for a writer to hire to do some small work in the “social media” ; writing knols,hubpages etc and I do enjoy your style of writing. Shoot me an email if you are interested.

    Regards from Norway,
    Marius Bakken

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