A Southern Compliment?

“Darn* girl, you are so fine I would walk five miles barefoot, over snow-covered, broken glass just to throw a rock at the truck that carries your dirty panties to the laundry.”

* substitute replacement profanity
That works for You?
What exactly do you say to that?
Can you believe a guy actually said this to me? Yes, he was sober.
Now I know we’re in the South. And I absolutely love it!
But my oh my, that is as country as it gets.
Hey Ang: I’ll trade you for the pool boy!


2 thoughts on “A Southern Compliment?

  1. Cant. stop. giggling.

    I’d hate to think if that’s his version of smooth what he’s be like without practice.

    It’s your own fault Amy, you are so fine!

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