Just wanted to take a few moments to clarify a couple of posts I’ve written. Apparently, they have been misunderstood due to my poor writing skills or my readers not understanding my sense of humor. After several inquiries via email or comments. I thought this would wrap it all up nice and neat with a bow on it.

  • I’ve Got A New Boyfriend – I am obviously not great at conveying sarcasim via the written word. I guess I you couldn’t see the evil gleam of humor or the gratuitous exaggerated eye roll that permated my writing. No, I don’t have a new boyfriend and if anyone hears that I’m considering it… just shoot me now. I’m officially on a MAN DIET and will remain on one apparently till Hell freezes over or Jesus comes back, which inadvertly may be the same moment. Regardless, I’m not dating. I just really loved this song and didnt really have anything else to write about that day. Once again proving the lyrics in LeAnn Rimes’ song gets it right, … Mama said “Idle hands are Devil’s handy work… There are only two parts of that story that are true: 1) Matt Nathanson wrote that song and it is available on iTunes.  2) I’ve had really bad luck with musicians. (That’s another post)  So, sorry friends to disappoint or then again this may bring a sigh of relief. And to Matt Nathanson, please accept my apologies if this post was a little weird. I do like your music and I have nothing against musicians, just learned my lesson a time or two or three.  … Mama said “Idle hands are Devil’s handy work. Oh the trouble you’ll get into…
  • Unique Beauty – In my parents’ defense, they were not cruel, nor were they unloving. They were just not the touchy feel type with any intention of lavishing verbose praise on us. Did I ever hear it? Yes, on occassion. Did it scar me? I dont know. I think in a way not hearing it a lot certainly didnt help. What ever I do differently, she will have her own mother & father issues to deal with I’m sure. 
  • I’m Voting Democrat – Never fear my right wing friends. This video, which apparently is not showing any more, was a parody of democrats voting for uneducated, ridiculous reasons. I’m not really voting democrat. 
That about wraps it up. Sorry for all the confusion. Hope this provides some clarity. 

One thought on “Clarity…

  1. HILARIOUS! I don’t know you at all… but I love reading your blog….I honestly thought you got a new boyfriend! Thanks for clarifying!

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