Blog Action Day – 2008 Poverty

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I love finding new sites that excite me to action. This may be one of the best things I ran across in all of my blogging experience. That’s almost a full 7 months, thank you. But I think you’ll agree once you give it a look. 

I was surfing off of SuperSimbo‘s blog and ventured on to one of the websites he had highlighted. That lead me to this.


A worldwide discuss on POVERTY is going to take place on October 15th with (as of 8:43am 9/16) at least 4,127 Sites with an audience in excess of 8,917,557 Readers.

How amazing is that!!!!

If you read my story along the way, you’ll know that my life took a significant change in direction in March 2008.  Two very important things happened. 1) My husband filed for divorce and 2) I was introduced to Compassion International and the Uganda Blogging Tour. This is where my heart was broken and mended all at the same time as I discovered a world that I had ignored for the most part and made a major life paradigm shift to make one of my priorities in life about helping others less fortunate than me. It’s also when I sponsored my Compassion daughter, Scovia. 

I have read many posts lately about changing the world and the ability of social media to help change our reality. Well, here it is. Here is the opportunity for me, you and all of our friends to join together to CHANGE THE CONVERSATION and make a difference in the fight against poverty.



PS. You can also follow them on Twitter HERE

This is a part of Positive Post Tuesday, Works For Me Wednesday and Watercooler Wednesday.

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