See Amy Tri

Well, based on the title it should be obvious that I have completely gone insane. For those who dont get it, Tri is short for Triathlon. Catching on now? 

Last Thursday evening I committed to participate in the

GJCC Memorial Day Triathlon!

It’s a sprint tri held at the Gordon Jewish Community Center here in Nashville – so May 2009 will be the big event!

How did I get myself in to this? Well, a couple of friends and I were discussing the half marathon that I’m doing this fall and how I’ve received such great support and training advise from Ironman, Dan Perkins.  One of the girls said her husband was training for an ironman and did triathlons. Then she went on to talk about the one this past year at the GJCC and how much fun it was, etc. My other friend, Nicki Robbins, started the discussion of how fun it would be to do one, but she doesnt run. I laughed at the notion, because I dont swim. Alas, this one can be done as a relay team. So that was where we started – Nicki and I participating together as a relay team. That lasted about 5 seconds. New idea… she would help me swim, I would help her run and we participate separately. So, there you have it!  Just a couple of friends hanging out getting laser hair removal (that’s a different post), drinking pomegranate margaritas and when I leave the building I’m going to move to the next level of endurance sports.

But did I mention that I swim like a drowning cat? Literally, I tried twice this summer to swim laps at the pool and I simply can not swim freestyle anymore. I dont know what happened. I took all the swim lessons as a kid. Lived at the pool. Mastered all strokes except the butterfly (coordination issue). This is the result of years of performing a modified breast stroke with my head out of the water as to not mess up the hair (come on, a lot of you went through that phase in high school & college). Apparently, I cant seem to stand putting my face in the water and turning to the side to take a breath. I can do it maybe twice and then I’m freaking out needing to stop. So, that presents a little bit of a challenge.

But guess what?  I LOVE CHALLENGES!!!Ever since I got my rear off the couch and started running, I’m tackling life in a new fashion. I mean, I’m not a super woman, I know that. And I’m not even a very good runner, Lord knows I know that. But I went from not being able to run a mile to running 3.2 in less than 4 wks of training. My next leap in mileage was from 4 to 7 miles in 4 wks. And I’m ready for more! My TNT coach has actually stopped me from going extra miles. So training for the half marathon and figuring out my style, pace and issues, has really taught me that I can accomplish anything. 

Does the idea of a half marathon scare me anymore like it did when I signed up? No. Even the idea of a marathon doesnt make me shake in my shoes. There is a saying, “If you can run a mile, you can run a marathon”. Now I get it! I didn’t understand it until I started with my longer training runs. And now it makes we want to do more.

So, can I do a sprint Tri? Yes, I believe with 100% confidence I can. I would have never had the courage to make that statement a year ago, even 6 months ago. But today, I am a woman who is learning that I can trust God and trust myself and make good decisions. That brings about a confidence and peace that I’m not really sure I’ve had in my personal life before. And that’s pretty cool.

So, I can’t swim. I dont own a bike. Dont have the money to outfit myself with the latest and great equipment that I have been surfing on the web all night long (literally all night long – no sleep for the pup). But I will share with you what I do have: Drive, Confidence, Support and Will! These things you cant buy. The rest will work itself out.

I’m so stoked to get started training, but first I have this little half marathon thing I need to do. =)


5 thoughts on “See Amy Tri

  1. Honey, it sounds like your are running from something.(and I do not mean running has in physical running, emotional running) You need to take things slow and take care of you.

  2. Sandy: Thank you for stopping by and I appreciate the concern. I guess in a way I have been emotionally running during my physical runs. I began to use exercise as a why to help relieve stress and discovered many additional benefits. Beyond the physical health benefits, running has become a great time for conversation with God and I’ve grown in my relationship with Christ because of it. If you had the time to read the rest of my blog you would also see that I’ve been working on making changes in my life that are positive changes intended to help me get healthy physically, emotionally and spritully, not just for my benefit but also my childrens. Take some to read further if you can. I welcome any additional input you have.


  3. I am a woman who is learning that I can trust God and trust myself and make good decisions. That brings about a confidence and peace that I’m not really sure I’ve had in my personal life before. And that’s pretty cool.

  4. Hey, Amy! I just happened upon your page when I googled GJCC.

    I have to tell you that I find the first post by Sandy to be EXTREMELY annoying! I am doing everything within my power to control my disdain for attitudes like this! Most people, as Thoureau said, “live lives of quiet desperation.” (paraphrased) I think this may be their way of rationalizing their own sedentary, unhealthy lifestyles.

    As for myself, I took up triathlon a couple of years ago and have never felt better in my life! I once weighed 205 lbs and am now under 180 – with a goal of 170.

    Some people just don’t get it – but that’s okay, we can run circles around them while they watch their televisions, eat bon bons and grow larger and larger over time!

    Keep it up! I would love to hear about you doing an Ironman or Half Ironman event in the near future! Rock on!!!

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