Amy’s Law – I’m Jinxed!

No, I didn’t get that confused with Murphy’s Law.  Because I have redefined bad luck all by myself! I have toppled Murphy’s prize and have taken the lead. Thus, Amy’s Law stands!  Am I being serious? Well, I haven’t posted in quite a few days because so much has gone on in my life. I just honestly have not had the opportunity. Many folks may be scared to read my blog after reading this post for fear of ‘Amy’s Law’ spreading via Internet osmosis. So let me share with you the history that led up to this mildly humorous fodder.

2 Weeks Ago: My ex moved to Europe, leaving me to deal with the house we sold (at a huge loss) and 3YO twins confused over why daddy has disappeared.

1 Week Ago: I had to have everything sorted and moved out of the house  in 2 days to be able to close. Help was not readily available to unload the truck due to schedules & injuries, so I had to spend extra money to extend the truck for 2 days. Did much lifting by myself, but I couldn’t do it all alone. I was so desperate I offered money and lunch via twitter. Since my car was at the Uhaul facility, the kids & I drove around in a 26′ truck as our main mode of transportation. Yes, that was me with the Uhaul at the Y. And on day 3 of this fiasco, around 9:30pm I managed to get it unloaded with help from my sister and some friends.

Thursday (of Last Week): My maternal grandmother died.

Friday: I missed work because I had to come to Illinois for the funeral, forgot what day it was and forgot to call in. Oops! They so want to fire me. Driving up that night also turned a bit stressful as a 4 hour trip turned in to a 7 hour trip with potty stops every 30-45 minutes. Then I was greeted with stand still traffic on I24 because they shut the Interstate down for 2 hours due to a wreck. And finally Jacob actually ended up wetting his pants when he fell to sleep even with all the potty stops. Oh and yes, I almost forgot the highlight of my trip – a speeding ticket! 

Saturday – Here’s where it gets ugly, or should I say uglier!

6:30 am – Go for my long run in my hometown. I ran 7 glorious miles in the low 70’s with low humidity, a slight breeze and a bright beautiful sun. What a great day to bury my grandma – I thought. And then I felt slightly bad for feeling so positive about the event, but I just couldn’t help it.

10:00 am – Went late to the visitation because I knew my kids couldn’t handle being there for 3 hours + the gravesite service.  My mom holds Emma for a bit, but when she puts her down Emma moons the entire congregation! She has on no panties! Ekkk! I try my best not shreek in horror. “Emma Grace, where are your panties?” “I no have no panties Momma!” Obviously! Apparently she took them off going potty at my mom’s & never put them back on.

10:30 am – Arrive back to my mom’s house to find it locked. Rats! Forgot to get the keys. Service begins at 11 am no time to get them and come back. A trip to Dollar General it is. 

11:00 am – Arrive back to the church. As my luck would have it the service started on time. My family is looking around for me. Have to walk up in front of everyone with panties in my hand. That’s ok, I can be descreet. But Emma can’t. She turns to me and announces, “Momma, you got my panties!” Obviously!

The rest of the afternoon is spent in service, lunch and napping. That evening I went to my grandpa’s house to visit him & my mom.  She helps care for him at night. (He’s the one with lymphoma.) 

8:30 pm – Arrive at home to find my sisters gone. They are at the hospital with my mom, who fell at my grandpa’s right after I left. Go to the hospital. It’s pretty bad. She has bilateral temporal brain bleeds and has to be life flighted to St Louis University. (So actually, I’m not the one with the bad luck here!)

What I found great about this experience, if you can call anything associated with this great, is the cooperation between my sisters and me. We all have a very defined roles that compliment each other. I take on the business role: think about logistics, ask questions & eavesdrop on doctors/nurses conversations, make sure the experts are engaged.  My middle sister takes on the caregiver role: she comforts my mom, tries to help her relax and becomes her main support. My youngest sister takes on the bridge role: she coordinates communication & support with family not there and supports my mom & middle sister. We converge randomly to ensure we’re all on the same page. It just flows for us and works to everyone benefit. It’s a bonding experience and a loving one at that. The only problem with us working together is that after it gets so late at night, we get really giddy. I mean really goofy, giddy. (i.e. wearing sunglasses @ 3 am inside the hospital, laying on the floor in the hall outside the ICU and taking pictures of each other) We cope with humor, obviously!

Saturday/Sunday: Around 1 am when we arrive at SLU’s ER, only 2 of us can go back. I opt to stay out in the quiet room. This is where I meet my ER stalker. He’s a rather strange fellow that sits in the seat across from me and leans forward to stare at me. Not look me up & down, but just stare with an angry look on his face. During this activity he has his right hand over his heart. Not sure what any of it means, but it makes me nervous. He leaves every 5-10 minutes, but comes back every 5-10 minutes to repeat the process. Soon the other quiet room visitors begin to see what’s happening. I’m the joke of the quiet room. We try to laugh about it. But part of me is sad because I feel like he’s confused and needs help, but I’m terrified to make any direct contact with him. Do I remind him of his dead wife? Or the girl who broke his heart? Or the person he chopped in to little pieces and stores in his freezer? He follows me all night until we can visit my mom.

Sunday:  Good news finally arrives in the wee hours of the morning, bleeding has stopped and she will recover! We leave to get food around 6 am and sleep in the car in the parking garage til visiting hours at 11 am, where she’s moved from ICU to a regular room. (Side note: I have to kick my middle sister out of my car, to go sleep in her own because we cant stop laughing) This night mom comes home with instructions to not drive for 4 wks and a list of other restrictions for the 1st week. I stay in my hometown to help for the next few days.

Monday: We lost my mom! Yes, you read that right! My youngest sister calls me to ask if I have her because her car is there, her clothes are there, her shoes are there. But she’s not there. Great! We know that one of the first signs of additional trouble with a head trauma is wandering off in your tshirt and underwear. We panicked. She had searched in closets and under beds. We started calling people til she was found at a neighbor’s. She felt the need to return a plate. This was going to be a long day!

So it’s Tuesday night and we’ve faired pretty well. Tomorrow I am going home to face a huge list of things to do. Not to mention unpack the 145 boxes stacked in my house and on the carport. But overall it’s been a good week.

Do I really feel unlucky? No. We all know things could be so much worse for me. There are three main thoughts I’ve taken away from this weekend.

  1. Through all the pain and trials I’ve had as of late, I am learning to trust and rely on Christ more. This came to me when I was driving alone on the way to SLU’s ER Saturday night and experienced an overwhelming sense of peace. Regardless of what else took place, God was with me. I was not alone. 
  2. Life is too short and precious to hold on to anything negative in your head or your heart. This was another realization on Saturday’s drive to St Louis. Life comes at you fast, as the commercial says. Anytime you carry resentment, anger or other negative feelings it takes energy away from your life. The good things in your life lose power and the negativity slighly seeps into everything. There is no room in my heart for this.
  3. I wonder what lesson God is trying to teach me that I am obviously missing? I must still be learning about patience, perseverance, generosity, strength. Oh yeah, and trusting that He is enough. Well, I hope I finish up this lesson soon.

A friend sent me a text on Sunday that I found to be humorous. She said “I know God will not give you more than you can handle, but I wish He wouldn’t trust you so much lately!” It made me smile.


2 thoughts on “Amy’s Law – I’m Jinxed!

  1. I only had a brief idea of what’s been happening with you. I’m sorry that you have had all this to deal with! My prayers are with your family with all that you all have gone through in the last couple weeks.

    If you need help unpacking, just let me know.

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