For the Love of Music: 50 Bands, 50 States


 Click here to go to website!
Click here to go to website!

As the dog days of summer settle in and hanging out at barbecues and listening to music take on a high priority, we thought it was the perfect time to direct you to the cool Web feature 50 Bands, 50 States.

Put together by the staff of the alt-weekly newspaper The Boston Phoenix, the interactive feature spotlights the all-time best band, all-time best solo artist, and best new band for each American state — the last category being especially excellent as a primer of unknownish talent worth knowing about. Each state’s page features artist videos and MP3 downloads in addition to written commentary, and you can stream choice cuts from the selected bands.

While we may not always agree — Florida’s all-time best band Lynyrd Skynyrd? — we did discover some terrific new-music gems, most notably Wisconsin’s Bon Iver, New York’s Yeasayer, and Idaho’s The Very Most. And if you come across something that really burns you up, you can vent: Every page has a section for comments.

Tennessee results caused a stir in the comments because of confusion with the votes. The artist has to be born in the state. Thus Elvis is not on option, but he didnt win for Mississipi either.  Go check out your state!

This is a part of Watercooler Wednesday.  


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