This Just Broke Me!

This is a part of Positive Post Tuesday and Works for Me Wednesday. .  It may seem a bit odd, but I am honoring social media.  I received a tweet from CherylSmith999 on this video that she found on another blog.  Messages of hope, forgiveness, love are all stories we need to hear and share.  I would have never had this experience or a great moment of reflection & prayer were it not for social media. Thank you Mr. YouTube guy for inventing YouTube.  Thank you Mr. Twitter guy for inventing Twitter. And thank you Al Gore for inventing the internet. (haha! had to see if u were paying attention) But seriously, thank you to all those who participate and share positive stories of encouragement and faith.  Please do carry on!


9 thoughts on “This Just Broke Me!

  1. My friend shared this with me a while back – it is moving. It makes you think – what if you had to stand out, on the street, with a cardboard sign? I’m so glad I’ve been redeemed…

  2. Wow. This was beautiful and just what I needed to see/hear. I needed the reminder that It’s Not All About Me.
    Thanks for posting this!

  3. I do like that video, and I am also a YouTube lover. I haven’t gotten in to the Twitter thing yet. Maybe I need to do that…

  4. If you live by just a few simple guidelines,
    you can seriously change your outlook on life –
    AND the way that people perceive you as well!

    Don’t ever take anything personally…
    When you are happy with who you are
    it shouldn’t matter what anyone thinks anyway!

    Don’t worry. Worrying never solves anything!
    Whether you have control over something or not,
    you shouldn’t waste your time or efforts on unnecessary stress.

    Always do the absolute best you can do – and always tell the truth!
    The more effort you put forth,
    the more you learn and the less regrets you’ll have.

    Don’t expect too much.
    Don’t even expect to receive as much as you give,
    it only opens the door for disappointment.
    Be happy with what you do for others
    and be pleasantly surprised if they do the same (or more) for you!

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