Free Music from NoiseTrade!

I have read several posts and articles recently that discuss the changes in the music industry.  They are coming on hard and fast. Many of them focus around giving away free music.  While this may not seem such a new idea for a brand new artist starting out, it is something new for established artists and bands to give it away.  But it is brilliant! 

Take these 2 artists for instance… Jeni Varnadeau and Rory Partin. They have been around for years, have multiple CDs and been on tour. They are using a website called NoiseTrade.  Brody just had a post about this site within the last week or so.  So I think these guys are definitely on the right track.  What I like about this website is that it is a middle ground for both artist and fan.  To get free tunes you load in 3 emails of your friends.  They will then get the opporutunity for free tunes too!  This serves a couple of purposes: 1) fans get free music – Yeah! 2) The artists get to build their fanbase for future communication.  And we all know in Web 2.0 it’s all about reaching the people, the fans, us.  Making a connection that lasts and building a community that is going to make a difference in your career.  So there you have it.  Jeni and Rory are embracing the cutting edge and building their community while churning out some incredible tunes.  So go take a listen.  It will only take a few minutes of your time and you’ll be happy you did. 

Just click on their pic to go get some free tunes. The links will take you to their websites where the NoiseTrade widget is set up for you to use.  It’s really easy!



This is a post for Watercooler Wednesday and Works for Me Wednesday!


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