Summize Leads To Spiritual Blessings

I have found out this year that God has a way of putting people in your path when you least expect it. It is sometimes when you are in your darkest place, in your darkest hour and it is so desparately needed. And even though we may be praying even begging for help, we are surprised when it happens.  But then again it is also a surprise when things seem to be status quo, or at least the quo you know, and a stranger reaches out to you for what seems to be no particular reason and a blessing is bestowed on your life like you could have never imagined.  That is what happened when I talked to Cheryl Smith last week. 

Cheryl found my blog through a summize search on running.  I’m currently doing a series on Running 101, which highlights my lessons learned as I am completeing my team in training for the half marathon in October.  Cheryl is a new runner and enjoyed my post and commented on it. This began a dialogue via email that quickly led to Cheryl suggesting we talk via the phone. So we set a date! 

Wow! All I can say is, wow! Cheryl is an amazingly gifted woman who has been through a unique life journey and very selflessly wants to help others walking difficult paths.  Cheryl reached out to me because she saw some similarities in our stories and wanted to offer her support, encouragement and guidance.  She did not ask for anything in return. She did not want a consulting fee. (She’s a consultant, btw) She simply wanted to share herself and her time with me. How truly amazing is that? 

We had such a great talk and I learned so much from her. I learned there is so much freedom and empowerment when it comes to trusting God in my life right now. As scary as it may seem, it is the only path that will bring me the joy and security that I so want for my family.  God will guide me to it, if I trust in him and lean on him to get me there. Scary, right? But also kind of relieving!

Thank you Cheryl! Thank you for your words of encouragment, your scripture references (so good!), your prayers!  Thank you for being so selfless and giving.  You are a great example for others to follow. 

That is why you are a part of Positive Post Tuesday – brought to you by Brody Harper.


2 thoughts on “Summize Leads To Spiritual Blessings

  1. Amy,

    Truly the blessing was mine! What an incredibly pleasant surprise and unexpected blessing on a day when I needed it. 🙂

    God blessed me with people who sowed hope and truth and purpose into me in the darkest days of my life. These are the words they said to me, which I simply borrowed and shared with you in our conversation:

    “God is enough. He will not waste your pain. He loves your children more than you. You can trust Him (for you and with your children). He is faithful. Sometimes the people with the biggest calls on their lives often go through the hardest struggles. (Remember? I told my friend, I don’t want a big calling then.)”

    I look forward to connecting again as schedules permit and see what God has in store for the next phase of your life.

    Many blessings,

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