I Dont Know Jack

It is once again the wee hours of the morning and I ventured upon a site I have been to several times. I thought about sharing it before. But I really wasn’t sure of my opinion on it, thus not really knowing what I would say. One thing I know, it makes me uncomfortable.  My discomfort lies in the fact that I agree with some of it, I think some of it is obsurd and mainly because I wonder if the obsurd part is true.

The website in question is aptly titled “What Women Never Hear” written by an older gentleman who has quite a distinguished resume, assuming it is factual. He writes under a by-line and provides an email address. Many of the posts are repetitive with a few new things here and there. His topic is based on the fact that men are sexual predators out to conquer women sexually and abandon them. It is the woman’s fault that this happens, thus leading to bad relationships and failed marriages.  Is anyone uncomfortable yet?

Here are a few excerpts, you be the judge:

249. Do women know jack about Jack? —Part 15

♀?♂  When unmarried women yield the first time to a man, he wins much more than sex. Men rule over women they conquer. If she refuses, he dumps her.  

♀?♂  Men see friendship differently. Women don’t fit a man’s mold of pure friendship, except when they are not sex targets.

♀?♂  Men treat women according to what they appear to be—sex object, slut, lady, sloppy, neat, pretty, immaculately groomed, careless, desperate, disposable…. That is, she’s responsible for the respect with which she’s treated.

♀?♂  Men treated as sex targets by females learn that all women have little else to offer. Let the fun and irresponsible games continue. Visible groupies are more significant than unseen bed post notches.

♀?♂  Modern female fidelity is questionable to men, because so many women sacrifice themselves at the altar of sexual freedom.

♀?♂  More than sex, men crave appreciation for who they are and what they do. If not their wife, however, sex works just fine for today—thank you very much.

♀?♂  One major facet of a man’s sense of significance rests upon not having to face men who have bedded his woman.

248. Virtual Virginity #14

♀ ♥ Virtual virginity means just say No to unmarried sex. The purpose: To separate mature from immature, real from fake, reliable from irresponsible, surprising from humdrum, decisive from spineless, adult from adolescent in men and boys. Otherwise known as assessing a guy’s true potential for responsible husbanding and fathering.

♀ ♥ Unless he chooses to drop her—very likely in today’s sexual arena—denial of unmarried sex makes a man focus more and more on her quality, value, and potential as whole person and, hence, wife.

♀ ♥ Conquest stops his looking so diligently for her weaknesses and thus learning about her strengths; other things become more important than sex with her.

♀ ♥ Conquest releases a man to focus on other things. It frees him to move his attention to something else such as job, hobby, buds, or other females. 

♀ ♥ If she can refuse unmarried sex until she conquers him for marriage, she expands her influence over his natural dominance. The winning conqueror shapes their subsequent relationship.

♀ ♥ Women play the man’s game. They shop for friendship, pay with sex, and hope the relationship leads to shack up or marry up. Friendship based on sex doesn’t last, which makes escape easier for men.

FYI…He also has some posts on boobies, since that has been a topic of late.



4 thoughts on “I Dont Know Jack

  1. Wow. I got nuthin! Like you, I do agree with some of this…heck, probably more than some. I haven’t visited this guy’s site, but I’ll probably take a peek now. I guess when you really dig into the quotes you posted from him, it almost seems a bit like high school. But then, when I think of some of my experiences and those of my girlfriends and guy-friends the past few decades, high school sort of transfers over. Those basic themes seem to carry through life no matter what age. Good-girl, not so good-girl. Good-boy, bad-boy.

    I think we just need to be ourselves whatever that is. At my age…and you and I are close in age, I don’t have the energy not to be anything other than myself…what you see is what you get. And I don’t have time for games, and my boundaries are what they are and I pray that is okay for him, whoever he is. 🙂

    Coffee soon, lady?

  2. Interesting info here. I hear what the blogger is saying, yet seem to have a problem with the tone, maybe more than the words.

    One of the best books I’ve read on this subject is: Kissed the Girls and Made them Cry by Lisa Bevere. I think she is RIGHT ON THE MONEY with this book and does so in a way that points to God’s best and hope for the future.

    Let me know if you pick it up and what you think.


  3. @CherylSmith & @Andrealopez – there is much more controversial that i did not print for reason. But i think you both are correct. I am agreeing with the words for the most part, but the tone is very off. And if you are writing to 16 yr old boys/girls it’s one thing. It you are referring to 35 yr old men as having a get out of jail free card when it comes to self control b/c they’re men and they just can’t help it. – and it’s all the slutty provocative woman’s fault – then I have a problem with that. Men do have responsibility to maintain some respectibility, as do the women. I also think he’s missing the boat here to write as if women as not sexual creatures with wants, needs & desires. We are. But those should be met within the bounds of marriage. And men should strive to meet that goal just as much as women. He never talks about that part. Never!

  4. Ladies,
    You’re right on most counts but you miss the boat: Which comes first? Respectable male behavior or men treated respectfully? You expect the first, I argue the second as more accurate. Seven decades of seeing it both ways convinces me that my position is stronger.

    For the past four decades women have found ever more numerous ways to disrespect men. Male bashing on the Internet highlights it. Respectable manly behavior continues to decline.

    I also hear you about sexual wants, needs, and desires. I will be posting on the subject, four within the next two weeks or so at wwnh.wordpress.com.

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