I was browsing Seth Godin’s blog at 3:43 am for lack of anything better to do and I ran across this…

The object isn’t to be perfect. The goal isn’t to hold back until you’ve created something beyond reproach. I believe the opposite is true. Our birthright is to fail and to fail often, but to fail in search of something bigger than we can imagine. To do anything else is to waste it all.

Recently I’ve rattled around a few ideas, just some random talk, chit-chat. Nothing too detailed or exhaustive, just thoughts.  And you would not believe the amount of criticism and negative input I received telling me I would fail.

Ummm, what?  Fail?   Excuse me?  How can one possibly fail at thinking?  How does one fail at dreaming?  

First of all, do you even know me? How I think? How I process an idea from conception to validation to fruition.  Second of all, do you even know enough of my dream or idea to even form an opinion?  Because I’m not sure I even do?   Because see, it’s still in the dream/idea stage… Not even hit the concept stage yet. 

Wow, amazingly enough, there are talented people out there that do not hestitate to predict the future with 100% accuracy that I will fail.

But according to Seth Godin, it’s ok for me to fail, as long as I fail for something big.  Thanks Seth! I can rest easy now.

Dream big people!  Don’t let your critics drag you down! 



2 thoughts on “Fail

  1. A big WHATEVER to those who doubt, Beyond JEMS! I know that can be easier said than done. But for myself, my most creative and successful ideas have come from a feeling I had….a feeling that didn’t necessarily have my brain attached to it….if that makes any sense. 😉 When I was working in television…I was a part of some very smart ideas….and some equally horrible failures. Very public failures at that. But even those failures I continue to hold as these tiny little treasures (jems) inside of me that no one can take away. Just because other people didn’t embrace them as I might have hoped doesn’t strip their meaning for me.

    I can’t remember who said this…but a quote than an old mentor passed along to me which I often refer back to is…”IF YOU FAIL, FAIL GLORIOUSLY!”

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