Life Adrift On A Gentle Breeze

Do you always play by the rules or keep to a regimented schedule? If something is not in your planner or at least on the radar and it comes your way, do you need to consider your options before saying yes? Or do you fly where the wind takes you? Landing here or there, adrift on the gentle breeze of a summer day? 

My life used to be managed by my Palm Pilot. Parties included. In college I was up for anything, but somewhere between college whimsy and now, I became the person who needed the advanced warning.  Invite friends over to hang out?  But the house wasn’t sparkling clean, I didnt have the proper appetizers or drinks.  I was too concerned about pulling off a Martha Stewart impromptu party than I was just having fun and enjoying my friends. That was more of a reflection of what was expected of me than my expectations for myself, but after a while it begins to embed itself in to your demeanor.

Now that I have moved on with my life, the freedom to let go has taken over.  You want to come over, come on, but I warn ya the place is messy with toddler twins.  You want dinner, let me see what I have in the pantry. I can whip up something decent for us I’m sure. Appearing to be something I am not is a disservice to me and to you both. After all I am the girl who moved to Franklin TN the summer of 1991 during college because my girlfriend and I fell in love with the cute historic nature of the area and never left.

Being free to live life adrift on a gentle breeze is wonderful because it opens the doors to opportunity. 

And that’s exactly what happened last Saturday night.  I accepted an invite from a female stranger that I spoke to for about 2 minutes, to attend a private wine tasting, with more strangers, at an unknown location, that was to start in the next hour. Can’t get more spontaneous than that! Sure I’ll go, I love wine and it sounds like fun.  

And it was.  It was a fabulous time at The Timothy Demonbreun house off of 8th Ave in the historic Waverly district, so very beautiful. There was such a great mix of people. The night was rich with such stimulating conversation with great men and women on every topic from travel and relationships, real estate investing and entrepreneurism, food and wine, and finally charity work and life.  It was a fascinating evening!

Three doors opened for me that evening:

  1. Everyone that I spoke to regarding the upcoming event that I am planning was very interested and requested more information. This is a very different audience than what I would have been able to reach had I not attended the party.
  2. I was offered the use of a fabulous venue to host another event that I am planning, comped, of course.
  3. (And the most exciting personally) I was asked to be on the board of a new non-profit being formed that will exist to support an orphanage in Uganda.  My Compassion daughter, Scovia, is from Uganda!

The wonderful woman who asked me to participate on her board said to me before she left that evening, “You were meant to be here tonight. I was supposed to meet you. God led you to me.”  Those are powerful words. May be they are true. 

I love to believe it is divine intervention and not just randomness that is leading my life. But I am one who needs to be in control of everything and it is hard to just let it all go. So I am trying:

  • to take one day at a time
  • to not feel like i’m always behind or failing
  • to keep my eyes and my heart open to opportunity
  • to seek adventure and be spontaneous
  • to challenge myself physically, mentally and spiritually
  • to grow and learn something new everyday
  • to touch a life in a positive way every day
  • to embrace the messy, gooey, sticky & dirty of 3 YOs & life
  • to smile more and to laugh at myself and God’s wicked sense of humor!  

Last Saturday night I succeeded!

So what have you done lately that has been spontaneous? If nothing comes to mind, I encourage you to say yes to something that scares you a little or makes no sense what so ever.  You never know what may come of it.


3 thoughts on “Life Adrift On A Gentle Breeze

  1. What a lovely post, Beyond Jems. I’ve been reading quite a few blogs lately and clicking random links that led me to yours. I’m not big on commenting, but I love that you admit you “need to be in control of everything and it is hard to just let it all go.” This is something I’ve been working on in my own world so I can totally appreciate. 🙂

    I’ve recently started my own little blog…we’re talking little. I’m not at the point where I can be near as open and honest as you are in my day to day world. I’m much to shy and neurotic. But you set the bar with your blog, and I enjoy reading many insightful posts to come.

    You are an official bookmark for me. Rock on lady!

    Hearts & Stars.

  2. I am not that spontaneous of a person by nature. I’m not really planned, just reserved maybe. I do try on occasion, but probably don’t try hard enough.

    Perhaps something spontaneous will lead to something good like it has for you. Great news about the board appointment and the event.

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