Running 101: See Jane Run!

Well, I hit a new PR (personal record) again today! Another 4 miles only this time I did it in 44:47, which is about 8 minutes less than last Saturday.  Crazy, huh? And I did it on 4 hours sleep.  Still cant manage to get the sleeping issue down the night before a run, but I will continue to work on it. 

I think I did better today because I ran my own race.  No one elses.  We split off in to two groups – the 4 milers who run consistently and the 3 milers who were running 2 walking 1. I didn’t fit into either group, so I started with the 4 milers, but they were running at a much slower pace than I normally run and it felt like I was struggling to hold back. So after my second interval, I just passed them.  I had on my iPod and they were all chatty.  I wasn’t intenally being rude, but I really wanted to concentrate on a couple of key elements.  I wanted to really focus on my stride and my breathing.  Maybe it’s because I’m a newbie, but when people are trying to chat with me, my stride gets shorty & choppy and my breathing does the same.  That sounds kind of silly, but for me, I can’t run, talk and breath at the same time – ha ha!  I’ve also noticed certain music impacts my stride. This may be even stranger, but it is true. I’m sure it shouldn’t, but it does. Maybe it is the beat that I am following but I can feel it take over and it lulls me in to a better rhythm and longer stride, which is really important when you are 5′ 3″.  Finally, I wanted to pay attention to my overall form. Last week my lower back really hurt Saturday night and Sunday after I ran the 4 miles. I am blaming on weak abs and possibly poor form (i.e. leaning forward) during my run. So I was focused on those things today and obviously they worked because I have felt really great and I significantly improved my time. 

Here’s nother little thing I found on the web when I was looking at some sites for upcoming races.  It’s a great site called See Jane Run.  Here’s the history on Jane.

“You want to run a marathon?”

It was those very words that hatched the idea for See Jane Run. After years of standing on the sidelines, Lori Shannon decided it was her turn to run. Living in New York City, At 5’3” tall and wearing a size 16, she didn’t look like a typical marathoner. And yet, her desire was as strong as any athlete.

So, she went to her neighborhood running store where she was greeted with raised eyebrows instead of support and camaraderie. After a few years of getting this attitude from many shops, Lori had a great idea. Why not start her own store where women athletes of all shapes, sizes and age could shop and feel comfortable and inspired?

In 2000, several years after completing her first marathon, Lori, now a computer consultant in San Francisco, opened the first See Jane Run retail location in San Francisco’s Noe Valley. She didn’t even know how to operate the cash register, but she knew how to help women realize their hopes and dreams.

Lori has competed in numerous marathons with a personal best of 4:38, ridden her bike cross-country (2,600 miles) and participated in triathlons. She has also opened more See Jane Run locations, and developed Train With Jane, an organized training program for women at all fitness levels looking to do marathons and triathlons. And now See Jane Run even puts on marathons and triathlons.

Which proves one thing. A girl can do anything she sets her mind to.

Jane manifesto


One thought on “Running 101: See Jane Run!

  1. Yay!! Glad 4 miles is becoming normal fare for you!

    Great meeting you the other night. Thanks for putting up with all my friends as well…who all thought you were very sweet, by the way.

    Good luck with the exercise (you could teach me a thing or two – haven’t ran in a week!) and get some sleep you crazy girl.

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