Life is Good : )

Life is GoodRight now, life is good. I feel like I am on the right path in all areas of my life: physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Things seems to be settling down a bit for me and I feel very focused and a sense of calm coming my way that hasn’t been with me before.  Some of it is attributed to the steps I am taking to make changes in my life and some of it is just life shutting me down and making me take things slow.  What I wanted to write about today is the changes that I’m making that are really exciting to me. 

PHYSICALLY:  Everyone knows by now that I am training for my first half marathon in the fall.  It’s with Team in Training raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  You can read all about it on my page at the top of my blog.  In preparation to do this and just get healthier in general I have taken a hard look at myself physically and I’m not liking what I see. Shhh!  Settle down people.  (JonathanPaul – dont tweet me until you finish reading this post!) This is not about a self esteem issue.  This is about a health issue.  Yes, I’m a size 4 for the most part. The average American woman is a size 10 or 12 now I think. But it’s now about the size. It’s about my health. 

  1. HIRE A NUTRITIONIST:  I don’t eat well. I really don’t have healthy food habits.  I’m a great cook and my kids are great eaters.  I can cook a gourmet meal any time I please. But I don’t. I have allowed more & more processed foods to come into our lives and I’m not happy about that.  I’m not talking about candy and chips.  I don’t buy that kind of junk. But it’s just processed stuff. Like frozen pizza vs. pizza I made with fresh veggies the kids helped cut up. Or chicken nuggets & canned corn vs. grilled chicken breast & fresh corn on the cob.  Part of it is the divorce and move, etc. It’s been a little crazy.  But ya know that is no excuse.  I deserve better and I know my kids do.  So, I have an appointmnt with a nutrionist who is going to help me meet some nutritional goals for myself to lose the last 15 lbs of baby weight while keeping my kids needs in mind and my training in mind.  Trying to balance all 3 of those needs is impossible, so I decided to take Michael Hyatt’s advice on meeting your goals in his post HERE and bring in an expert.  Luckily for me, she comes free with Team in Training (TNT). 
  2. HIRE A PERSONAL TRAINER:  OK, so I got lucky with the nutritionist being free & all. The personal trainer is not. But he knows how to maximize my time. We are breaking out 3 1 hour sessions in to 6 30 min sessions to hit core elements that I can work in to rotation for a weeks worth of training.  With the schedule we have tenatively set, I will be meeting with him for about 2 months, which is perfect.  Because I also have work outs scheduled with my TNT group.  But Mark’s job is to really kick my butt in my weakest areas and work on that knee problem I have.  He does that well. 
  3. TRAINING SCHEDULE: I have a training schedule now for the half marathon. And I really have to stick with it.  It’s going to become ever more important to work toward those goals and maintaining consistency.  It’s not all about the run either. It’s about strength training and flexibility. 
  4. BE AWARE:  I am becoming more and more aware of myself and my presence. Does that sound weird? What I mean is my demeanor my attitude my sleep habits my eating habits my exercise habits my stress relief habits. The choices I make that impact me physically such as how much sleep I get or if I have had anything to eat for the day impacts my mood and how I react in this world to the things around me.  I am trying to be aware of those triggers to make sense of them and make the right choices.

EMOTIONALLY:  Well, I have continued to attend Divorce Care at The People’s Church and it continues to be place of comfort and community.  I think it is important to have that as you move forward in this process. I have also continued with my individal therapy which has been an even better place for me to work on some personal issues for continued self-awareness and growth.  This by far has been the most influential piece of the puzzle. 

SPIRITUALLY:  This is the other part that is so exciting to me.  I feel like I am seeking God truly for the first time in my life. Not just checking the box. I was in just a great place last night to help a friend spiritually by telling her what I have personally began to understand by reading everyone’s blogs over the last 4 months. (Ragamuffin Soul started it all for me – thank you) I told her.. We were both raised with such strict views of religion and our lives were about “no dont touch that” and just checking the box. So much so that we felt that we had to come to Christ with ourselves & our lives for the most part all nicely packaged wrapped up & tied with a bow.  But ya know  – HE knows that’s not real, HE knows that’s not us, and all HE really wants is our hearts wide open to HIM saying ‘Here I am – broken, I’m yours’.  That’s it, that’s all he wants is what is truly us loving HIM. I’m discovering that for the first time and I am overwhelmed and scared and relieved and still confused about how to listen to what He wants from me and my life.  But that’s ok. It’ll all be ok and come in time.  It will come in time. And I think knowing that gives me more peace than anything else in this world. 

So yeah, Life is Good. And I’m running that 5k tonight, so I had best take in a little shuteye and recharge before I get out there tonight and sweat like a pig in this glorious beautiful crazy TN weather. 


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