It’s Official, I’m A Runner!

Runner's WorldMy 1st months subscription to runners world came today and I feel like such a grown up.  Like I’ve graduated from just wanting to be a runner to actually being a runner because I’m reading the stuff runner’s read. Haha!   (For all those girls out there it’s like when you bought the bride’s magazines before you were ever engaged. Come on, you know you did!)   I can’t wait to dive in to the info.  I think it is really going to help me take it up a the next level.  Up until now, I’ve been relying on friends to fill in the blanks for me. Ya know, because it’s easy.  I have just few basic questions and so it’s just as easy to send a text to someone who knows and get a quick & direct answer instead of pouring over info or reading 15 different opinions on the web.  I just figure, well it works for them, so I’ll give it a shot.  Right? 

I guess that was ok for a while if you’re a freshman. Like in high school. You had to ask someone for directions a lot and that was ok. It was expected. But as you made your way around and got a bit older, you took on more responsibility for yourself. Let’s just say, I’m a sophmore now.  I really don’t need anyone to show me to my class or help me get my schedule.  But I may have to get some advise on some tougher issues that come up, like which teacher (course) to avoid for trig, etc. Stuff like that. 

But right now, I’m feeling pretty confident.  I’m feeling like a runner and it feels pretty darn good. Who would’ve thought I would get all that from a magazine in the mail?

PS.  I would have added a link to but man their site is messed up something bad.


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