Meet My Best Friend… Uncel Ben

When it comes to cooking quick healthy meals for me & my kids sometimes it’s not easy.  Running all day or just playing all day can be exhausting.  And I don’t always feel like the gourmet chef.  So I’d like to introduce you to my best friend who has taught me so much about quick & healthy cooking and saved me so many times in a jam. His name is Ben…..  Uncle Ben. 

Uncle Ben Whole Grain Brown Rice

This is the stuff miracles are made of. It’s whole grain and ready in 90 seconds and my son loves to pick out the different flavors.  He prefers it  over pasta, even mac & cheese. It can be served as a quick side dish or spruce it up with some seasoning & sliced toasted almonds. Serve it as a main dish by adding some fresh or frozen veggies if you are going vegetarian. Or saute some canned chicken (white breast meat)  or if you have more time grilled chicken breast and voila you have a complete meal in less than 20 minutes. 5minutes if you go the canned/frozen route. You can’t beat that. And nutritionally frozen veggies are as healthy.  

So the next time you are in a rush.  Call on my friend Ben, for fast nutrious and delicious meals.





One thought on “Meet My Best Friend… Uncel Ben

  1. I didn’t know they made the brown rice microwavable. I have to get that for my husband, he loves rice something fierce, but can’t cook it himself. It’s great that your kids aren’t slaves to the mac & cheese.

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