Pop Quiz?

I know I have readers because the stats page tells me so. There are a few that are constant because they keep telling me that I’m getting this life thing on the right track and that’s really COOL!  But there are a lot of days that numbers go up and no comments are let and I gotta wonder who’s really out there.  So…. let’s do a little sharing and learn about each other in the mean time.  Here’s the question….


Mine is sweets, specifically chocolate.  I come from a long line of sugar addicts and it has plaqued me at different times in my life.  But I found this great little bag of dark chocolate at Costco that is real dark chocolate (not the watered down stuff on the candy shelf at the store) and they come in little tiny squares. Two of those is just enough to satifsy my craving without going over board w/ a kitkat or full candy bar.

So that’s my guilty pleasure.  What’s yours?


6 thoughts on “Pop Quiz?

  1. Amy, thanks for stopping by my blog. I too have added you to my blog roll and look forward to seeing you progress as you get ready for your first 1/2 marathon. Next step, your tri… I’ll do my best to root you on from a distance!

    In answer to your “pop quiz” it would have to be the thing I know I’ll not have an option to give up and that is the use of my body as a 23 year old. I love my triathlon lifestyle and all the benefits it affords… such as eating whatever I want without worry of gaining those “extra” pounds. As soon as I know longer can train 20 -25 hours a week… I’ll have to be giving up lots of guilty pleasures!

  2. Wow Dan! Let’s not get crazy here! I said my coach was talking about a tri, not me. I am a single mother of 3 YO twins, 20-25 hours of training sounds like a bit more than I can take on. That is a huge dedication. That is so admirable. But I would like my 23 YO body back again, actually I’m not far from the weight, but the toning is not there, so that would definitely be a plus! I probably put in no more than 8 hours a wk at best as it is. Putting in your kind of hours I’d need a wife to take care of the house & kids. Haha! (That was a joke! People. Please no one email me. And Mom, no nothings changed, I promise, I would still like to settle down with a nice boy!)

  3. I am starting my training for 1/2 marathon this week. I haven’t been working out in a while. I know it’s going to be a challenging week.

    As for my guilty pleasures, it probably be my computer, blogging, twitter, etc.

    After that, it would be LOST and The Office. I’ve dvr’d all this season’s episodes for the summer. I plan to rewatch this season of LOST, and see if I can make better sense of it all.

  4. Funny! However, just to be fair, I only can get this kind of time to train because of a flexible schedule, a patient and supportive wife and because my girls are grown and no longer needing taxi service (remember 20-25hrs is for Ironman not a sprint! or Olympic distance race) Have fun with whatever you’re doing and keep it consistent and you’ll be surprised how the tone returns!

  5. I’m with you Amy… as a matter of fact tonight, while making dinner for myself, which was pasta, red sauce and edamame beans (I know, random – just went for a long bike ride and needed protein) I ate MOVIE candy while I cooked! Yep, I was starving and ate off a box of Milkduds and Hot Tamales the entire time I stirred and sliced garlic. Pathetic. I bought movie candy at Target last week thinking that I was “saving money” by having a stash for the next movie I attend. Yeah, right. The only thing unopened is the Twizzlers. Just a matter of time, I’m sure.

  6. Shanda: You are awesome!! We’ll hit this milestone together. Go check out Ragamuffin Soul on Saturday’s. He’s got a little carnival going to keep us all honest about meeting these goals.

    Angela: I love your honesty!!! A girl after my own heart! I try to keep it to 2 bars & most of the time I do a good job. But last night my Ex pulled up in a brand new STS Caddy telling me he just got a promo & then whines to me about child support. 8 bars of chocolate later…. I decided to go for a run… but it was to the mexican restaurant a mile down the road for a pitcher of margarita’s & queso w/ a girlfriend! Ha! But I did run!

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