Ten Thousand Tears

Ten thousand tears melt my eyes, burn my skin

As the crumbling little pieces of me collide.

Silent screams inside my heart, shame my sin 

With deeply fractured soul in darkness I abide.


Tis tortured truth light can not bear to hear

So forced expressions mirror what the world doth see

Downcast eyes with crooked smile hide the fear

Now i rest, head in hands and time stands still for me.


Ten thousand tears melt my eyes, burn my skin

As the crumbling little pieces of me collide.

Forever wrecked oh my soul aches within

Torments me, rips my heart causing a great divide.


Will I ever be whole again?




You all asked for more. Here it is, a bit darker. No a lot darker. But it is what it is and brought to you as a part of Ethos Water Cooler Wednesday.


5 thoughts on “Ten Thousand Tears

  1. allow yourself to be re-shaped, re-formed, re-built without wax, beautiful, redeemed, full of purpose and life, only for God’s glory. That cracks that remain will remind you of God’s mercy and grace in your life as He alone is the lifter of your head, the potter who sees someone of infinite beauty and value in the crumbling pieces.

  2. You’ve done it again. Hope it helps and heals to express your soul………
    You are beautiful. God made you in His image. You have much to do in this world. This is just a piece of your story, a winsome story that others are going to want to lean in and listen to .

  3. I have been to that place of ten thousand tears.
    And finally, I am becoming whole.
    Words, they help us heal.

    Many thanks, for sharing your gift with words and for your journey.


  4. Jems,

    Okay, I’ve just found you. And may I just say how happy I am about it? I love your site, I feel your site, I get your site. And sister, I can’t say that about too many sites. Man, there are some real snoozers out there. But i just wanted to leave you a note to let you know I would be stopping by some. Please come visit me as well! You got a good thing goin’ here.

    Melissa Lee

  5. I’m sorry for the tough time you’re going through, Amy! I can hardly imagine being in the situation you’re in right now.

    I do believe you’ll be whole again though, and I’ll keep believing that for you.

    Hope you have a great day today, sis. :o)

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