What Ispires Me…

Spence‘s post yesterday asked the question, “What inspires you?”.  He had compiled a list of 25. And I thought about it for a while. What does inspire me? Sometimes I feel no inspiration at all. In reality I think the opportunity is there we just miss it because we are not paying attention. We are too busy. The fleeting nature of musings and inspiration can be gone in just a moment. 

Well, after a bit I came up with my 25. Or 30. Or 40. Amazingly once I started thinking about moments in my life that spur me to action or bring a tear to my eye or take my breath away; the list just kept getting longer and longer.  How blessed that makes me feel.  Here’s what I whittled it down to…

1. A Good Movie, Book or Blog Post
2. Inspiring Others
3. Writing
4. The moment I realize I’m in love
5. Looking at pictures of my kids in the NICU
6. Conversations with my heros – mentors, dreamers, fearless people, YOU.
7. The voice of the one I love
8. A great glass of wine & dinner at the French Laundry or Paris Hotel
9. Cooking a great meal to be shared with someone special
10. The smell of rain
11. Watching ‘heat lighting’ light up the summer night sky.
12. Standing at the top of Heavenly, the first ski run of the trip & looking at Lake Tahoe.
13. The sight of the rocky mountains, especially the view from The Canyons
14. The sunset view in Franklin TN in the backyard of my 1st house (untouched acres)
15. The misty spray of the ocean hitting my face
16. Riding in a hot air balloon
17. Riding in a convertible w/ the top down, the music loud and a bottle of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Fields   (Ha! It makes me feel like I’m 17 again! Oops, I mean 21 😉 Oops, I mean we were parked, we never drank while driving. This is not a good one for kids to read.)
18. Watching my kids lift their hands in praise at church on 1st Weds.
19. Watching my son never give up trying to dribble a basketball half his size.
20. Watching my daughter paint
21. That feeling you get after a great run, especially if it’s a new PR
22. The light in my kids eyes when they get it!
23. Discovering a new city/country for the first time.
24. Hearing a great song at the right moment that brings you to tears
25. Waking up to “Good Morning Mama”

What inspires you? What takes your breath away? What makes you want to get behind the keyboard and write? Share that today will you?

PS. As I write this Jacob is drippling the basketball in the living room. It is hillarious!  It almost dripples him. My little man! He’s a champ in my eye!


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