How To Get Free Stuff! WFMW

Hey! We all like to get free stuff right?  Well, I’ve found that most free stuff offers on the internet have a catch.  But the one I’m sharing with you today really doesn’t if you use it correctly.

The Website:  MyPoints

How It Works: 

  1. You create a free account. 
  2. MyPoints sends you email.  (OK, so some people may consider this paying a price!) 
  3. You click through to the site they are advertising in the email and you collect points.
  4. You also collect points by taking advantage of special offers on the site that require no credit card to be registered.
  5. You also collect points by shopping from the site as a home base.

How To Do It Correctly:

  1. Clicking through 2 to 3 emails a day, really adds up in points. You don’t have to stay on the website, you don’t have to register with the website. You just have to let the webpage load and then you can close it.  I don’t even look at them half the time. Simple.
  2. Shop on the website for things you would normally shop for on the internet.  For instance, when I send florwers, I do it through MyPoints. It doesn’t cost any more. Plus, most of the time the florist has a special deal for MyPoints users that you would not receive by visiting the website directly. I order business cards through Vista Print. It has amazingly cheap products. Tons of specials. Plus, 300 points for every order.
  3. THIS IS CRITICAL:  Do not get caught up in advertising and shopping for things you do not need or would not purchase directly via the internet to begin with.  This is where one can get caught up and it will end up really costing you.  Then it turns out that it is really not free.

What Do You Get:

Options for anything from gift cards to StarbucksHome Depot, Chili’sMarriott, Macy’s, Walmart, etc. Basically, there is something for everyone.  Or you can donate your points to charities such as the Red Cross.

How Does It Work For Me:

Great!  I’ve received $100 of dollars in gift cards to Home Depot, Spa’s, etc.  For example a $50 gift card to Linens N Things takes 6,350 point.  I’ve been a member since June 2000 and have racked up over 111,000 points. That’s almost 14000 points a year or $100 to JCPenney or $90 to Starbucks.  All for doing what I normally do anyway.

Do MyPoints for Free Stuff because It Works For Me!

Amy’s MyPoints Stats

Point Balance – 8574 Points
Pending – 75 Points
Available to Redeem – 8499 Points
Lifetime earned – 111574 Points
Lifetime redeemed – 103000 Points



3 thoughts on “How To Get Free Stuff! WFMW

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  2. Hello, I have been a member of mypoints since 12/31/2008.
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