Material Girl

I’m moving!!! The contract on the house went through. So Thursday of this past week I spent with my Dad and later on my neighbor, Steve, and brother in law, Tim, moving most of my large furniture and things to the new house in downtown Franklin.  It was a trying day. My Dad’s truck was not working, he fell on my stairs, I had 2 appointments I could not cancel so I was not there to help the entire time and we kept my brother in law out way past his bedtime.  But in the end we accomplished a lot and my stuff is in the new house. Well some of it anyway. Yeah!!!

Here’s the interesting part.  This is my current house. The brick one with the garage.  And from it I am taking quite a bit of furniture. Not everything, but 3 bedrooms worth and kitchen table & chairs, playroom stuff, washer & dryer, etc. 

This is my new house…..  Yeah, I’m losing over 2200 sq. ft. OUCH!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I love it.  It’s just what I was wanting. A 1940’s cottage in downtown Franklin with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  The backyard is fenced in and there are young kids for neighbors. It’s charming.  The inside has a fireplace & original cast iron tub and so much potential it’s crazy.  From the first moment I walked in, I saw the future beauty this little gem has stored inside just waiting for someone to bring it out.  It’s one of my passions, rehabbing.  I’ve been meaning to write about that on my passions page.  Maybe I will document the rehab of this house. But I digress…

My problem, which really is not a problem in the grand scheme of life, is that my furniture does not fit!  Nothing, seriously. If I put my queen size sleigh bed in the largest bedroom there’s no room for my dresser. I may have enough room for the sweater chest, but it would be at a really odd angle.  The kids room is packed with 2 toddler beds, 1 chest and 1 armoire.  The living room will not hold my sectional & coffee table & tv – not going in, we didn’t even try.  My sister keeps telling me I have to get rid of my furniture and buy smaller pieces. 

I’m thinking, no way!  Absolutely not!!!  I spent a lot of money on that furniture and I slaved over picking out just the perfect pieces to create this really comfy life.  I will squeeze it in. I will store it. I will make it work. He’s (exTBD) is getting it. It’s mine, we’ve already agreed to that and I’ll get nothing for it if I try to sell it.

Is this story making you sick yet? Because it is me. I know, this is pathetic, right?  I’m whining about my big furniture problem fitting into my tiny 1358 sq ft house. While so many of the children I have learned about from Compassion are living in houses that are 10 x 10 (100 sq ft) with their entire families! Like 5+ people.

Who am I? What happened to the girl who was raised not to attach emotion and ridiculous value on material things? How do we become this way? What make us, as a society, value possessions so much when so much of the world has so little?  

And here’s the big kicker… some of them see themselves as rich compared to us (Americans). And they are right!  Do you know why? Because they are not defining their wealth based on their material possessions.  They are defining their wealth based on the joy and salvation they have found in Christ. 

Don’t get me wrong, poverty is not glamorous nor does it automatically qualify you for sainthood.  But what does it do to someone who has little to no possessions or hope? It makes them appreciate what they do have and if they are lucky to find Christ it allows them to find their wealth in Him.  Now I’m the one who is jealous.

I used to be more like my exTBD, focused on career, money, things. It’s easy to get wrapped up it when you have two nice paying jobs and no kids.  There’s a lot of money to play with and it’s fun.  But having the twins the way I did (read about that in here) changed my paradigm.  Money was no longer the focus of my life.  I did not define myself by my title at work or how much money I made or where I shopped. 

Yet last year I could not fathom a divorce because I would have to give up my big house that I picked out, that I decorated.  By the time he served me with papers, I had made my peace with that. It’s just a house. A house filled with a lot of pain. Time to move on. Did I learn my lesson? No, because last week I could not fathom giving up my furniture. Furniture!  Stuff! Material things that I had invested so much in emotionally that the idea of parting with them was painful.  Man, Mom and Dad were right, I really do learn the hard way!

So what am I doing today? Participating in the neighborhood yard sale. Unfortunately do to the weather and my lack of planning, I’ve only sold 3 things for $13.80. Yeah, not the best turnout. But that’s ok. I think I am where I need to be mentally and emotionally.  I’m going to try to renegotiate with exTBD to give me some cash in lieu of the furniture and the majority of things that do not sell will be going to good will.  There are people who need this stuff much more than I do, that’s for sure! 

Question… Have you found yourself wrapped up in the material world like me? Valuing your life based on things you shouldn’t or putting too much emotion into your possessions?  If you have, what did you do about it? Are you still there or have you moved on?



3 thoughts on “Material Girl

  1. I started struggling with materialism when I moved to the WC (Williamson County). Thankfully, I saw the light and am now trying to appreciate what I have rather than wanting what I don’t. I fail alot though.

    (I also participated in our neighborhood yard sale this weekend. My net profit was -$7. Never again!)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are an inspiring woman!

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