Twitter Scandal Rocks Web 2.0

While the reports began surfacing about a month ago, it has since been confirmed that Twitter has a dirty little secret they would rather keep on the downlow. The problem: Twitter Spam. And what is Twitter doing about it? The bare minimum apparently. One has the ability to block an unwanted follower, which is a corrective action after the fact.  But as of today there is no preventative measure that will avoid the initial spamming, which is one of the reasons marketers are engaging in the practice.  It’s easy, it works and it’s free.

Statistically, the odds are in their favor driven primarily by typical human behavior. Seemingly some Twitterers are inclined to start following someone if they themselves are followed as a matter of common curtousy. Following random people is not the smartest move in most instances. However, there are some that insist the 4000 people they do follow all have added value. It’s a mystery. 

One solution that has been introduced is to Twerp Scan.  The little program evaluates your followers based on criteria you set, like the ratio of followers to followies and # of followies.  It puts your list out these in a nice format that is easily sorted.  The you have the option to block the follower if you so desire.

There is a lot of discussion on both sides of this issue as to whether or not Twerp Scan is a good thing. The Download Squad has a nice post about it here –  However if you google it, you will run across many different opinions. 

My thought is this, if as a social community of Twitters we all jointly block the spammers then maybe, just maybe, it will send a message and stop the spread of spam.

I used it, as a test run, and ended up blocking some that were following me.  Like Dogs1, a spammer for the best dog beds ever?!  Weird.  So it worked for me. If you have a lot of followers take a look at it. It may well be worth your time (1 minute) to run the program and see who you should be blocking.  

This is a part of watercooler wednesday and works for me wednesday.


11 thoughts on “Twitter Scandal Rocks Web 2.0

  1. Yes I too heard about this over the past week about Facebook. It’s the applications that ask if it is okay for them to access your information. These application are third party concerns facebook has nothing to do with them. They allow any programmer to use their API developing software.

    One thing I can say let’s not forget we are on the web and nothing is private nothing. Everything can be traced back everything. It behooves all to watch what they are putting on the web peoples livelihoods can and have been damaged because of this type of thing. Anonymity is not on the net and that is for sure!

  2. I block all the spammers that follow me. Maybe if I was super-popular and had tons of spammers, it would be a problem, but now it’s just a slight nuisance.

  3. I accept most who follow me. I’ve only had one spam and just blocked it. I am not at all a popular tweeter, so it isn’t a problem for me right now.

  4. I’m finding that Twitter spammers seem to be following an account that I don’t use that much (by accident rather than by choice since I forgot the password).

    I see it as a nuisance rather than a problem – for now. If it becomes as popular as spam sent via email, I’m not sure just how annoyed it will make me, but I hope that they’ll have already figured out a solution by then.

  5. You all have really good points. Like Shanda & cool dad, I really dont have many followers. Maybe if I were ‘cooler’ it would be a problem for me. I think it’s just annoying in general that it’s another area we have to battle for spam, like the blogs. But there are some people that need the reach Twitter extends to them by having a ton of followers, like musicians & artists. And those folks are not following everyone who follows them anyway. I guess we just have to be smart about who we follow & allow to follow us.

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