I’m Surrounded by Rockstars

No, not because I’m participating in GMA Week, but in a host of peculiar ways my life has been touched by GMA artists for a little over a year now.  Here’s the strange turn of events that has introduced me to the community. 

  1. Max Hsu - SuperchicMax Hsu from Superchic bought my previous house in late 2006.  I didn’t know who Max was, so I got aquainted with his music.  He’s a really nice guy.  He put a studio in my bonus room upstairs when he moved in.  It’s weird looking at my former house on his blog and seeing the changes.  Here’s a quote from Max’s blog.  He’s a great songwriter and a great photographer. I like what he says..”It is impossible for me to My former bonus roomcreate great art. It is only possible to do art. Some of it is good, some of it is not, but I can only write what comes out and the best stuff tends to come out when I’m not under self imposed pressure. It helps to do lots of art. Then you have the numbers in your favor. When I find myself winding up again, losing perspective, trying to write the music that will bring peace to the world and end poverty, I just tell myself…“how hard can it be? Scooby doo saves the world, has adventures in a van.. blah blah blah.”
  2. In September of 2007, I ran an ad on Craig’s List to find renters for my rental property in Nashville.  I got a lot of great hits in the first 12 hours. Then this guy Mike called… we’re in a band… moving from FL… there are 3 of us in our 20’s. Yeah, ok, I’ll get back with you, right behind the young banker and the retired couple from Hilton Head. I put his number in my purse and did’t think of it again until I got a call from Jeff.  Jeff was a little bit pushier than Mike.  What do we need to do to get in this house?  He handled me, the way I would’ve handled the situation – aggressively.  They were in a hurry to close the deal because they left to go on the road again that next afternoon. So they invite me to the studio that night to listen while they lay down tracks. (I think I said that right)  I really didn’t get a good feeling because paperwork was not in order and Jeff had bailed. But every person in that studio came up to me that night and said, “These guys should get the house.  We’re praying for them to get the house.”  Let just say stranger things have happened, but within the next 12 hours the others renters pulled out. Then I broke every landlord rule in the book.  I let them sign the lease without checking a multiple references or confirming bank accounts, etc.  Mike loved it when I told him I felt compelled because they’d been praying on it for 2 days. The band? Tenth Avenue North.  They ROCK!!!!  And I’m the luckiest landlady in Tennessee.
  3. I was cruising the web and looking at blogs when I ran across this organization called Compassion International.  So I started reading this blog written by Spence Smith.  I was enthralled. He wrote about children living and dying in poverty and a trip they were taking to bring awareness through the web. It was an eerie sensation being so fixated on this tragedy. I know I’ve said several times since that in America, we turn the channel because we can not stand to face the reality we see on the TV. We can not look at the child on the TV and pretend it does not make us uncomfortable, so we change the channel. Except I could not. I haven’t been able to since having the twins. So I sponsored a girl from Uganda. But that didn’t feel like it was enough, so I contacted Spence to see if I could donate some JEMS taggy blankets that I make.  Sure, so we had coffee and he explained Compassion, his job and the blogging trip. I said you have to meet Mike from Tenth Ave. North. Yep already did that. And BTW, he knows Max and what a brilliant photographer he is.  It’s such a small community this world of artists and musicians. How nice it is.

 Well, since meeting Max, Mike & Spence, my life has been touched spiritually, emotionally & physically.  I’ve grown closer to God through music and have been inspired to write and run.  Thanks guys! Have a great week at GMA.  My best! Amy



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