One Song, One Take, One Cab

This one is for Brody who is always asking for new indie music & a part of Rocks in my Dryer Works-For-Me-Wednesday and Ethos – Watercooler Wednesday.

It’s a cross between Taxi Cab Confessions & Unplugged Karioki, only better.  If you are looking for options in music that you can appreciate and also laugh at, look no further than Black Cab Sessions. Check out Chapter 20 – Johnny Byers, Ch 31 – Spoon (1st dude to wear shades, good tunes), Ch 25 – The Kooks, Ch 13 – The New Pornographers (who will be at Nashville’s Mercy Lounge on 4/18/08).


Ultra-unplugged: a quirky high concept, charmingly executed

As repeated viewings of a certain Martin Scorsese film and a lifetime of living in New York City have taught us, good things generally do not happen in the back of taxicabs. Until now: A British website lets us temporarily believe that hired cars, in addition to being cramped and grotty, can also be mobile stages for brilliant acoustic rock performances.

In each episode of “The Black Cab Sessions,” a different indie artist gets one car ride and one unedited take to perform a song, and the results are more invigorating than an 80-mile-an-hour taxi ride home from the airport: Spoon’s Britt Daniel plays a stirring version of “I Summon You” all alone; the New Pornographers’ Carl Newman delivers a heartbreaking rendition of “All the Old Showstoppers” with his niece accompanying him on accordion. (And what eccentric indie-rock project would be complete without an appearance by the genre’s ultimate weirdo, Daniel Johnston?) Enjoy; you don’t even have to tip the driver.

 “The Black Cab Sessions”

 Compliments of VSL


One thought on “One Song, One Take, One Cab

  1. Amy, thanks for the comments on my blog…by all means, add me to your blog roll, I’m adding you to mine. I’ve been single for 5 years now. My husband went to heaven 4 years ago, we were divorced for a year before he died. My son is 7 and really doesn’t remember him. My daughter is 10 so she remembers a little more.

    Most of the time, I am really content in my single status, but there are times, like tonight, when it is beyond difficult. It’s so important to have a community that that embrace you and walk with you through it. I just spent an hour and a half on the phone venting to a friend.

    I am heading over to follow you on Twitter too. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

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