Running to Beat the Blues 5K

This is a long time coming… several people have asked about it, like this guy & this cool mom, and I’m sorry for the delay, but here it is:  My post on my first 5K.

I’m so sad. 😦   I took videos to narrate my first 5K.  It was funny and amateurish.  And I realized the camera really does add that 10 lbs. I edited the video to shrink it (delete a lot of umms) and deleted the originals. Now I can’t get them to load. Not here. Not YouTube. I’m a techy moron. So, here’s the play by play script. 

Gee, am I the only one who\'d wear pink lip gloss to a 5K?

March 29, 2008 – Running to Beat the Blues 5K – My 1st Official Race

Let me preface this by saying, prior to this race I had only ran 5k one other time and that was on a treadmill. Only managed 1 mile outside because it was cold and I had a hard time with my lungs closing up. (Childhood asthma).  I had also been having some right knee pain. So after talking to a few people I ended up with one of those strap things for a patella tracking issue.

Pre Game Show – The First Timer

  • [Video fade in]
  • [Music playing in background – Shot from dashboard on driver (me) Puffy face, swollen eyes & pink lip gloss]     Seriously, this is what not to do to prepare for your first race. Stay up til 2:00 because of nerves. Have Oreo cheesecake for dinner the night before with a coffee from Starbucks.  And the race starts at 7:30.
  • [Pan to vehicle clock]     It’s 7:11 a.m.
  • [Pan back to driver]        and I’m still driving.  The only thing that I am doing right is listening to a little Van Halen
  • [Pan to XM radio]            5150.
  • [Pan back to driver]        Wish me luck.  (Loud sigh) I’m gonna need it.
  • [Video fade out]

Pro Game Wrap Up – The First Timer

I forgot to bring an inhaler and forgot to put on the strappy thing for my knee. I guess the adrenaline was so high, that I wasn’t thinking clearly.  According to my friend Kim, who was running with me for support, I started out running too fast. So she helped me set my pace at 12 min mile, which is what I was used to running at the gym.  I had never ran anything faster than that so I thought it would be good. 

After the first mile, I stopped about 15 sec for a swig of water & to stretch out my calves again. They will forever be tight.  Then we just kept running. I was feeling sluggish at about 2.25, but with the end in site it was easier.  So according to Coach Kim, I really needed to power out the last bit.  I sucked up some air and did just that. People were clapping & cheering for us.  I was like – wow, total strangers – that’s pretty darn awesome! 

So, the results – I posted my best time ( I guess actually this is my only time, officially ~! ) and it was a total surprise.  It felt so good!  No, I take that back.  Immediately after I crossed the finish line, I felt like I was going to puke.  But after a few minutes, then it felt really good.  No, I take that back.  It felt incredible!

PLACE   O'ALL  NO.    PlC   NAME                      AGE   GUN TIME  CHIP TIME   PACE     City              ST
=====    =====  ==== ===   ===============  ====  =====        =====        =====   =========  ==
14          235      43      113  AMY HALLERAN     39      36:46         36:10        11:40   Nolensville   TN 

Can I tell you, I ate the best apple of my entire life afterwards.  I could not believe how great that apple was.  It was almost freaky.  But I guess that’s the rush, the senses being open, the lift.  I’m finally getting it.  I was beaming when I shot the video, like nothing could’ve stopped me from taking on the world. It was such a defining moment.  To accomplish something that I had always felt I was incapable of doing.  I felt empowered and motivated and like I was on top of the world – and I was, I am.

Running has brought a new focus to my life.  Which is so funny because I was always one of those that said I hate running. In fact, I said it the entire time I trained.  But no more!  Now I’m addicted.  I have a hard time fitting it in training, but I feel bad if I don’t do it.  Like I’m going to lose my ‘stuff’ or like I’m having a claustrophobic attack.  I actually told my sister tonight that I had to run.  I HAD TO! It was as elemental a feeling as breathing and walking and talking. 

It’s something that I really need in my life right now.  There are so many things in my life that are in a whirlwind. I need the ability to find focus and clarity and channel all the ‘stuff’ in a postitive direction.  Running does that for me. 

The next stop is to train appropriate following some advice and help from Rockstar Runners. My goal for this fall was to complete a 10K before my birthday.  But I’m getting a push to train with a group for a half marathon in October held in San Fran that raises money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  2008 Nike Women’s Marathon and Half Marathon.    Gee!  That’s twice the distance, but for such a good cause. 

What do you guys think?  10K or Half Marathon for Cancer

Thanks to those who inspired me! 

Now I’ve got to run 🙂


3 thoughts on “Running to Beat the Blues 5K

  1. Congratulations! I might be doing a 5K next weekend and them am doing the 1/2 Marathon in Nashville at the end of this month!!! Eek!! At the present, I can only run 3 miles continually…looks like I’ll be walking a bunch of it. Oh well, I’ll just be ecstatic to cross the finish line, regardless of my time.

    Again, congrats on your first race! I’m super proud of you!

  2. Nice job Amy!! Many people seem to have that same experience you had with the apple right after finishing. For my sister it was a banana. After the run she was eating lots of bananas for weeks!!
    Way to go. We’re proud of you for accomplishing what you set out to do. Now you’re hooked though! See you on the road!


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