With this ring…

This is my ring.  


3 thoughts on “With this ring…

  1. Take out the diamonds and have them mounted on a pendant that can be put on a necklace for your daughter to have later on in years. Tell her that she was created out of love and that you are giving this to her because you have so much love in your heart that it just burst wide open when you think of her. Have it mounted in a starburst setting or something that you think would appeal to her. Keep it on the positive side so maybe she don’t remember all the bad things that happened when she was small. Just a thought from your mom.

  2. I gave my ring to my sister since she lost hers.
    I wanted to keep my ring but it gave me to many good and bad memories.
    I felt if i were to move on it was best to just get rid of it.

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