Compassion Rocks!

About a month ago I received a request Compassion International to volunteer at a local concert.  I was really surprised when they contacted me because I didn’t realize I could help in this way.  This was a real opportunity to reach out to people, beyond my family and friends. So Sunday night I attended my first concert with Aaron Shust as a Compassion volunteer.   

They rocked & it rocked!! I worked with some great folks from Compassion like Josh and Zane and his wife Debbie. But the real fun was talking to people about how Compassion reaches entire communities through child sponsorship. I was prepped to preach Compassion’s compassion. And so I did. It felt good to talk with people about the program and to know that the info I gave them helped them make an informed decision that they really bought in to and owned.  The best part was seeing the parents involve their children, and vice versa, by picking out kids based on birthdays, so they would have something in common to share. Or helping a man find a little boy in a Spanish speaking country because he spoke Spanish, not ‘Indian’.  [Yes, it’s probably best you don’t speak ‘Indian’ to anyone.] 

The bonus round came when I was able to share the things that personally excite me, then they would get excited and really start to rally around the idea of loving and nurturing this child in a way that they may not have expected. Folks, let me tell you that just warmed my soul in a way that I had not expected. 

So let me say this when you are going through tough times in your life, whether it is divorce or death or depression, to find your way out of the darkness, help someone else see the light.  I’ll say it again and be very clear because I cannot stress this point enough… 


I’d had a particularly rough week again… I started it by losing a new friend that has really touched my life in a way that truly blessed me L and ended it with ExTBD (his new blog name) returning home to torture me. So often when these things happen I want to hide from the world, pull the covers over my head and hold my breath so the only thing I hear is my heart pounding in my chest.   And I do, for a brief moment, until my Jacob comes to the side of my bed and says, “Momma got booboo in her head? I kiss it.”  Annnnnndddddddd we are back to reality.  

 But then what? So suddenly you’re just happy again.  I don’t know about you, but that’s not the way I work. So what’s next? How does this dull ache go away? How do we escape this darkness that feels like a weight that is dragging us down?  ~ Anyone having an ‘ah-ha’ moment yet? ~  By HELPING SOMEONE ELSE SEE THE LIGHT! What is the light? It can be anything!  On Sunday, the light for several folks was understanding the impact they had on a life by sponsoring a child through Compassion.  Tonight, the light for my neighbor Nicki, was me showing her the 5S techniques to help calm her 3 wk old baby, so she doesn’t cry all evening.  

The purpose is to GIVE OF YOURSELF TO SOMEONE ELSE SO THEY ARE BLESSED. For me it was volunteering Sunday night at the concert and tonight with my neighbor.  Both are circumstances needing very different things, but it required me to take action, which is a critical step.   Please know that I am not trying to skip or overshadow the power of prayer. But I have dealt with the 3 Demon D’s before (Depression, Divorce & Death) and I’m pretty confident in saying that you cannot lay in bed and pray them away – YOU MUST TAKE ACTION.  Get up, get moving, find someone who needs a light in their life and help them find it.  There are a multitude of causes and ways to help.   

I personally have been on a missions kick… Trying to figure out how I can make an impact. I’m looking for something, pondering things, wanting to GO BEYOND.  I know this was the first step in what I hope to be many more. I’ll leave you with this… How do you find your way out of the darkness?  Have you had a great experience helping someone find their light?


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