He is deranged! 😦 My soon to be ex just propositioned me.  Yes, for you know what! He’s refused to help me & the kids move out, refused to negotiate with me on terms of the divorce, he actually yelled and cussed at me in a moment of rage today for nothing in particular…  And then he has the nerve.  I had to lock my bedroom door.  He’s insane!  This divorce can not be over with soon enough. 


5 thoughts on “Cringe

  1. If I was looking for sensitive comments, I wouldn’t have posted it for the world to see.

    I actually blocked the episode for 2 hrs., locked my door, took a shower (very hot shower) & a nap. When I woke up I forgot about it… ahhh the restorative power of sleep. 30 min later it hit me: SHOCK, NAUSEA! I thought.. I have to post this, no one is going to believe me.


  2. Glad to be of service ladies! Sometimes that’s all you can do is laugh at the absurdity. It might be hard to do so in the moment, but if you give it a little distance it gets easier to do.

    Katie! Great to see you! I’m adding your link! Hope business is going well.

  3. Ha! Glad to see that it didn’t just happen to me. I’ve been divorced for 4 weeks and he STILL propositions me. Oh and it was him who left me and filed because he didn’t love me anymore.

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